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March 3, 2017



So a few days ago I got to try out a Sneaker Lab shoe care kit on some of my sneakers. Have you ever scuffed a pair of sneakers that you absolutely love and think that there is no way you can bring them back to their former glory? Well, think again. This brand has a few cool elements like a Sneaker Cleaner, a Sneaker Protector, Sneaker Wipes, a Leather Care Spray and even an Odour Protector. What’s even better is it’s locally made, really nicely designed and it does exactly what it claims to do, which is keep your shoes looking fresher for longer.

It’s a quick and effective way to get rid of those horrible marks that you get when you kick something by mistake, or if you’re anything like me, trip on imaginary things lying in my way. I’m forever doing that and then looking back to see what it was that caught my foot only to be surprised that it was nothing! I also tried some of this magic stuff on Nina James’ Converse and it worked pretty well. I felt like I was in a Verimark ad whilst using it hehe! I really like the Sneaker Wipes, they did an amazing job on the rubber pieces of her shoes and mine which are now pearly white again. I had to stop myself from going around my house finding other things to polish with them.

I know there are a lot of sneaker fans out there so if you’re in the market for some legit product that’ll treat your sneakers like gold, then Sneaker Lab is a really good choice. You can order online if you like, just click through to their shop.

Support local. It’s the awesome thing to do.



– Sneaker LAB’s innovative premium shoe care products are designed to keep your shoes looking fresher for longer. Our propriety non-soap based Sneaker Cleaner solution, is a water based, 100% biodegradable formula that continues to care and protect your shoes long after use. We have a passion for taking care of shoes and making them last longer, especially sneakers. So we’re dedicated to providing you with biological cleaning and protector technology for your shoes with one purpose in mind – keeping your kicks fresh. Our shoe care product range is designed and suited for the urban lifestyle enthusiast. Stylish, yet functional, the range of Sneaker LAB products provide you with a way to enhance your individuality.







Sneaker Lab from angie on Vimeo.


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