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May 9, 2018


This next post of mine is quite a fun one because it’s all about how to give a space in your house a quick makeover just by adding a few key pieces to the room, and refreshing it in a way that will not only make it feel cosier but more considered too. I will also be giving away TWO sets of 3 x Skinny la Minx designer cushions (six cushions in total) to one lucky winner and a friend. Details on how to enter at the end of this post!

Now there are a lot of ways to do this that can and will cost you loads of cash, which will make your room nice and happy but your face really sad! There are however some quick, not-so-pricey ways to add to a little something to a space that will instantly change it up. I’m going to start by introducing you to a fantastic local label (which I’m sure many of you are familiar with already) called Skinny la Minx and their very cool and brand spanking new Pillow Lab and range of Colour Pop Pillows.

Wondering what a Pillow Lab is? Basically, the clever folk at Skinny la Minx have put together beautifully illustrated cards that show you how to mix and match patterned pillows; and how to use colour, size, shapes and style to compose the perfect sofa. If you’re indecisive or your talents don’t include being able to choose the absolute perfect set of cushions for your couch, then you’ll find this really helpful. Another cool development happening in the world of Skinny la Minx is that their range of solid-colour cushions that come in square, oblong and round shapes that are great to team up with their patterned range. They’ve made it nice and easy (and super fun!) to freshen up your couch, which is great because I’ve been itching to freshen up our living room.



Our living room already has quite a bit going on but I still felt like it needed something to complete it. I started with our big grey couch, which has always had just two lonely pillows on it and not much else other than some remnants of Rex’s leftover yoghurt. It really was in desperate need of some cushion buddies so I decided to try my hand at mixing and matching some designs and I landed up with the colour combo below comprising of two solid Colour Pop cushions and two printed ones taking the couch from one solid grey piece to something a little more visually interesting, plus they are awesome to play hide and seek with.

I then went on a plant and pot mission because I think that every room in the house needs a green friend or three, it’s actually amazing the difference they make. The minute we introduced the plants and cushions the room instantly felt warmer and more homely. I topped our refresh off by adding a couple of nice books and a sweet little plant to the coffee table and getting our carpet professionally cleaned and fluffed up and boom my mini-makeover was complete! The best part is that other than waiting a couple of days for my cushions to be delivered to my door, I did everything else in less than an afternoon.

I have included a little before and after photo below. Let me know what you think 🙂

If you would like to win yourself TWO sets of 3 x Skinny la Minx designer cushions of your choice (six cushions in total) just follow the easy steps below:

  1. Make sure you follow Skinny la Minx and myself on Instagram ( I will be checking).
  2. Click through to my Instagram account and leave a comment tagging who you would give the second set of cushions to under the photo of this post. I’ll be drawing a winner this Friday the 11th of May, so be sure to enter quick 🙂
  3. Good luuuuccccckkkkkkk!










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