Cool Spaces: Incredible studio and living space

May 20, 2014

Sibella Court house-15

Design Files have just featured Sibella Court’s workspace/studio and separate living quarters on their site and I must say that even though there is a lot of clutter going on, I really really like these spaces, they feel so interesting and lived in. There are so many cool layers and interior textures that this lady has created and there are so many little pieces that I would house-nap in an instance. It’s one of the most eclectic places I’ve seen in a while and I wish I could explore them in real life.

I think I like the bathroom and kitchen the most, so awesome.

Sibella Court house-3

Library in the studio

Sibella Court house-14

Sibella Court house-2

Sibella Court house-7

Sibella Court house-9


Sibella Court house-12

Sibella Court house-8

Studio wall

Sibella Court house-1


Sibella Court house-11

Master bedroom

Sibella Court house-13

Sibella Court house-5

Part of her wardrobe

Sibella Court house-6

Sibella Court house-10

Outdoor room off the master bedroom

Sibella Court house-4

Sibella Court house-16

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