Shield MotionSense challenge

August 28, 2016


Almost a month ago I started my #ShieldItsYourMove challenge which involved me monitoring just how much I move every single day. Before I embarked on this little mission I never paid attention to just how much ground I cover in a day and just how much I move without even realising it, even whilst doing simple things like trying to dress Nina after her bath (do all 2-year olds not like to be dressed after their baths?!)or picking up my mail from downstairs. I was actually pretty surprised at just how much I do move and how much it affects my body and I’m quite relieved that this time around during my pregnancy I have been way more energetic, it hasn’t stopped me from turning into a round ball, but at least I’m keeping active.

On Saturday I attended my final Shield MotionSense challenge which involved me doing three different activities – kickboxing (my belly and I only did a small amount of this), yoga which was a first for me, I have always been against trying it but it wasn’t bad, I’m not sure if I will do it again though. We also attended a dance aerobics class, which was so much fun! My sides were hurting afterwards from laughing so hard because Anna-Belle and I looked ridiculous haha! Sorry Anna-Belle.




This month long challenge by Shield was set up to not only show us just how much we move without realising it but also to demonstrate how their MotionSense Deodorant works. It’s pretty cool actually because it’s made up of unique microcapsules that are activated by movement it means that the more you move the more it works, so it didn’t matter if I was working out or on a photo shoot or just sitting behind my computer, it had me covered all day long. I must be honest though this was my first time using Shield MotionSense, but it definitely won’t be my last. It works and it smells really nice, which means I smell really nice.

So thanks Shield for asking me to be a part of this challenge, I really enjoyed it and thanks Anna-Belle and Anthony for being such nice workout partners! And thanks Dani for taking the group photos of us, you rule.








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