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Shaun Hill

November 5, 2015

Shaun Hill-11

Shaun Hill-10

What can I say about this young illustrator slash designer slash person who is amazing with anything that is art related? Shaun Hill is honestly one of the most talented individuals that I have ever met because he can swop and adapt his design and illustration style at the drop of a hat. I’ve always admired and secretly hated people who are really good at drawing and painting etc. It just fascinates me how they can literally pick up a pen and draw an object to look exactly like the real thing. I on the other hand can pick up a pen and draw something that may vaguely resemble a weeping pineapple even though it’s meant to be a chair!

Shaun is currently exhibiting at Wolves and he has made a whole lot of really cool original drawing, prints and zines which have pretty much covered both walls in the shop and the best part is they’re all super affordable, so you can buy as many as you like. How the show is working is you can buy something take it home right there and then and then every few days Shaun is coming in and re-stocking the walls with new stuff. He’s even packaged them so nicely like fun toys you would buy when you were a kid.

I definitely think you should come in and have a look at this show, it’s really fun and a little crazy and you won’t leave without buying something.

I bought the dagger below and a Bat Butt Zine, which is full of stickers and all sorts of cool bits and pieces.

Shaun Hill-1

Shaun Hill-4

Shaun Hill-3

Shaun Hill-2

Shaun Hill-6


Shaun Hill-7



Bat Butt


light box

Shaun Hill-5

Shaun Hill

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