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Roy Lichtenstein at the Centre Pompidou

October 17, 2013


Whilst we were in Paris we were super fortunate enough to see a Roy Lichtenstein exhibition at the Centre Pompidou. There were over 100 pieces made my this genius of an artist and we got to see them right up close and personal, it was beyond amazing (you get to go so close that you can see pencil lines on some of them). You weren’t allowed to take photos of quite a lot of the pieces, but I did anyway. I wasn’t using a flash, I was just snapping them on my phone, so I wasn’t doing any harm, I don’t think, unless phones submit some deathly art-killing rays that I don’t know about. They had pieces from every era of his career, they even had some sketches that he did prior to the real/end product. They also summed up each stage that he went through really well, so by the end of it you really have a good understanding of what he stood for and what his vision was.

 If you are in Paris, I would say, do yourself and your eyes the biggest favour and go and see this exhibition. I really feel privileged to have seen this man’s amazing work in real life. The show ends on the 4th of November.

Here is a cool site that has some cool content on Roy Lichtenstein if you’re keen to see more.

– The Centre Pompidou is devoting a retrospective to him, through a selection of one hundred and twenty-four paintings, sculptures and prints that illuminate his career in a new way. The exhibition reveals the extent, sometimes surprising, an artist who was from the beginning, more than a pop artist: an experimenter materials, inventor of icons, an amateur scholar of modern painting.

Roy Lichtenstein-32

Roy Lichtenstein-15


Roy Lichtenstein-28

Roy Lichtenstein-31

Roy Lichtenstein-25

Roy Lichtenstein-24

Roy Lichtenstein-21

Roy Lichtenstein-30

Roy Lichtenstein

Roy Lichtenstein-33

Roy Lichtenstein-29

Roy Lichtenstein-37

Roy Lichtenstein-20

Roy Lichtenstein-2

Roy Lichtenstein-34

Roy Lichtenstein-38

Roy Lichtenstein-41

Roy Lichtenstein-39

Roy Lichtenstein-35

Roy Lichtenstein-26

Roy Lichtenstein-27

Roy Lichtenstein-4

Roy Lichtenstein-3

Roy Lichtenstein-18

Roy Lichtenstein-12

Roy Lichtenstein-23

Roy Lichtenstein-10

Roy Lichtenstein-14

Roy Lichtenstein-36

Roy Lichtenstein-11

Roy Lichtenstein-13

Roy Lichtenstein-19

Roy Lichtenstein-5

Roy Lichtenstein-40

Roy Lichtenstein-8

Roy Lichtenstein-22

Roy Lichtenstein-9

Roy Lichtenstein-16

Roy Lichtenstein-6


Some other photos I took at the Pompidou




This is the view of Paris from the very top level the Centre Pompidou








Security guard’s drawing



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  • Lee-Ann October 17, 2013 at 12:53 pm

    Wow, wow, wow – I love EVERYTHING about this! <3 Thanks for sharing Angie!

    • angie October 18, 2013 at 8:26 pm

      only a pleasure 🙂