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Roasted Butternut and Apple Soup

June 21, 2018


Every now and then I get sent some really cool gadgets to try out, which is pretty fun to do especially when they involve cooking. Have any of you ever heard of a Greenis Blender before? They’re a brand of high-powered smart blenders that you can do all sorts of cool things with and when I say cool things I mean that you can connect to them via Bluetooth and then operate them from your smartphone, creating all sorts of culinary dishes.

When my Greenis first arrived I was slightly intimidated, but it took me the whole of 12minutes to totally get into it and want to learn more. I think the best way to try to describe it would be that it’s kind of like a little robot (that I have named Charles) that makes you delicious things like Roasted Butternut and Apple Soup. I love the idea that not only can it actually juice things, but you can also make hot things in it too. So it heats up things by itself, like hot chocolates, sauces, soups etc. This guy can make you fresh almond milk in 2 minutes and it can even make a cappuccino! What? I know right. Haha.

The app that you download to operate them comes with a list of awesome recipes and guidelines on how to prepare the dish. So each recipe in the app contains a program that is able to work on the blender automatically after you connect, so not only can you select from the 6 program settings on the blender, but you can also use the ones in the app to operate the blender. This beast of a machine can make juice, smoothies, cocktails, sauces and dips, hot drinks and soups, it can also grind and crush ice cubes. You can also self-program in your own recipes, so if you make a soup or a smoothie that you like you can store it on the app and the next time around all you have to do bring is it up and it’ll list the ingredients and do everything else for you.

To start with I thought I would try something simple so that Charles and I could get to know one another, so I made this Roasted Butternut and Apple Soup. This required me to roast the butternut and then add all the ingredients into my blender, hit the Hot Drinks button and BOOM, six minutes later we had a delicious hot soup waiting for us. And I’m not just saying this, but it was really delicious.

Now, I wonder if I can get him to write all my blog posts…Hmmm…




· 2 cups roasted butternut pieces

· 2 cups chicken or vegetable broth

· 2 x Tbsp chopped onion

· 1/2 medium apple, peeled and seeded

· 1/4 tsp ground nutmeg

· Handful of fresh basil leaves

· 1/4 tsp dried sage

· 1/2 teaspoon salt

· Ground black pepper to taste

· 1/4 cup cream

So this is how this recipe works when using a Greenis:

  1. Place all the ingredients listed above in the blender in the order they are typed.
  2. Select the Hot Drinks Program.
  3. Switch the machine to start and allow it to complete the programmed cycle.
  4. Add the cream.
  5. Blend for an additional 30 seconds and you’ve got yourself a hot, smooth and creamy Butternut and Apple soup which was really tasty!

Since making this I have also tried a few juices, smoothies and pestos and all I want to say is that this machine is damn cool! What I like the most is that it’s a slow juicer which means, you get juice and not just a thick pulpy glass of fruit! I’m pretty chuffed with my Greenis and if any of you have considered getting one, I’d say do it. It’s really powerful so it allows you to make an array of awesome things and it’s quite fun to play around with. I kind of felt like one of those people who can turn the kettle and lights on at their house when they’re not even there. Aaaa technology, you’ve got to love it.









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  • Reply Yolandi North June 23, 2018 at 6:35 am

    Mmm… Looks delicious. I have a delicious Jamie Oliver Squash & Apple soup that I’m making for our XMas in July coming up in … July!

  • Reply Lalannie Knoll June 29, 2018 at 3:12 pm

    This soup looks delicious!! I like that this blender is multifunctional.

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