Rings of love.

November 7, 2013



I have had this folder of photos forever and I keep forgetting to post about these absolutely lovely Victorian antique wedding rings. There are always two hands clasped together to symbolise eternal love, but often if you open up the ring it’ll reveal a little heart. These rings are so pretty and such a unique way to tell someone that you will love them forever. Some are rarer than others, but this shop has quite a few for sale if you’re keen.

– Fede Gimmel Ring : The fede ring has a long history dating back to antiquity. The major type of this ring is the motif of two right hands traditionally one female & the other male, clasped together & holding a heart. Known from the original italian “mani in fede” (hands in faith or trust) it was quite popular during the renaissance & given as a token of betrothal. A gimmel ring is composed of two or more bands joined together with a tiny pin that acts as a fulcrum or pivot enabling the bands to swivel, align & come together to form one ring to symbolize the union of two people.
















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