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Remember these?

May 11, 2009



Does anybody remember these flippin cool worms? You would get them from Gold Reef City or the Rand Easter Show. Man I used to do my nut in when my mom bought me one. They were so awesome. I found one at Shane’s mom’s house on Saturday. Thought I would post it up for a little trip down the 80’s lane. damn i’m old! ha.

Hahaha look how cool my friend Karen looked back in the day (1986). Not only is she clutching a Wurli worm, but she’s also wearing one of the best one piece short jumpers I have ever seen. Yes. Thanks Karen for bringing the picture in xx

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  • jolene May 11, 2009 at 12:32 pm

    I used to LOVE those little guys, and often still think about them… pity you can’t find them anymore