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January 23, 2014

Portable Home- luckypony-8

Shane and I have always spoken about one day owning a holiday home somewhere beautiful, so when I saw this portable home by Architectural firm ÁBATON, I nearly did a backflip (just by the way, the chances of me ever being able to accomplish one of those is impossible). These guys have come up with a cabin that you can transport from one location to another, which they have called the ÁPH80 series. So if you had a bit of cash and knew how to drive a flatbed truck, you could manoeuvre all over the place with one of the raddest looking cabins I’ve ever seen.

Coming in at just 27 sq. meters they have thought of everything to make this space a perfect little home. From a lounge, to a kitchen, to a bathroom and double bedroom and they have designed it in such a way that it opens up to the outdoors beautifully so that too can act as an outside living space. I think this prefabricated house is amazing and such a cool idea.

Portable Home- luckypony-16

Portable Home- luckypony-10

Portable Home- luckypony-14

Portable Home- luckypony-17

Portable Home- luckypony-12

Portable Home- luckypony-11

Portable Home- luckypony-4

Portable Home- luckypony

Portable Home- luckypony-6

Portable Home- luckypony-13

Portable Home- luckypony-7

Portable Home- luckypony-9

Portable Home- luckypony-2

Portable Home- luckypony-18

Portable Home- luckypony-5

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