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December 19, 2017


It’s round two of my Peaceful Sleep Adventure Series which involves my family and me together with Peaceful Sleep going on a set of adventures whilst under the protective force field created by their extensive Family Care Range (you can check the whole lot out on their brand new site). We’re setting out to show you some cool kid-friendly places and things to do around Joburg with your youngins during the next few months of Summer.

This time I’m going to tell you about a place that has been around for a while but has maybe fallen under everyone’s radar and that is Acrobranch! Shane and I took Nina there for an afternoon of zip-lining, bridge crossing, leopard crawling and more and she had the best time! At first, she was a bit hesitant as she had never done anything like this before but cut to less than 8 minutes later and she was on a mission to manoeuvre all the obstacles by herself! Before we started I gave her and Shane and I a little spritz of Peaceful Sleep spray and then I rubbed some Family Care Insect Repellent Stick on her ankles for good measure and I’d like to report that we came out with zero bites 🙂



Acrobranch is a treetop experience designed to give children and adults alike a unique adventure as they move from tree to tree. The branch we visited is located in Ethel Grey Park so it’s surrounded by trees, marshes, and awesome views of Joburg. It also has the longest zipline in Gauteng, which I have been on, it’s super fun and good for a laugh! This adventure park is great for kids and if you’re a big kid yourself you will have an absolute blast, except if you have a fear of heights, then may I suggest a movie or perhaps a nice calming foot massage instead. 

There are different levels for different age groups but I wouldn’t recommend going if your child is under the age of 3, they may be a bit small but anything above that and I think they will have so much fun! Nina had the best time, in fact, we battled to get her to leave. Eventually, we just had to pick her up and do the ‘Brisk walk while kid starts to cry uncontrollably’ Dash to the car. I know every parent reading this knows exactly what I’m talking about! The only way we could get her to stop crying was to promise that we’d be back soon.




This place is a real winner because it gets your kids outside enjoying nature, it also gives them a good workout which means bedtime might come a little early for you after a 2-hour stint at Acrobranch, again all parents out there will appreciate this little perk hehe. It’s a fun activity for everyone involved and is the kind of fun that you can only have outside surrounded my Mother’s Natures glory and a little man-made ingenuity! 

Address: James and Ethel Grey Park, Melrose St, Birdhaven, Johannesburg

If you missed Part One of this series about the beautiful Idwala View located inside the picturesque Mabalingwe Nature Reserve then just click here.









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