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Peaceful Sleep Adventure Series – Part one

November 17, 2017


Hey guys, I’m really excited to start this new series on my blog in conjunction with Peaceful Sleep. My Durrant crew and I are going to be exploring a couple of different places and activities in and around Joburg this Summer and then showing you what we get up to! Finding kid-friendly places and things to do is not always the easiest so I’m really hoping to be able to recommend some awesome spots and hopefully give you some ideas for things to do during the next few months.

We all know that Summertime means mozzie time, so when I was approached by Peaceful Sleep to do a bit of exploring under their protective force field created by their extensive Family Care Range I was all in. The honest truth is I never knew Peaceful Sleep had a Family range which consists of room sprays, plug-ins, roll-ons and more (you can check the whole lot out on their brand new site) and that their products can be used every day on kids older than 6 months, which is amazing because in my house my kids are the ones that land up with the most bites!

You see they haven’t yet learned the often very ineffective way of waking up in the middle of night annoyed, storming up to the light switch, turning it on and then cussing while your eyes adjust and you mercifully go after the mozzie that has had you up for the last 20 minutes! I have done this exact thing so many times in my life and I always land up getting back into bed annoyed and half awake thinking about how no one will ever design a ‘Save the Mosquito’ bumper sticker if they were to suddenly to find themselves on the endangered list. I know you know what I mean…Ok, but enough about my mosquito woes let’s instead get started with this series!

The first place we visited and that I’m going to tell you about is the beautiful Idwala View located inside the picturesque Mabalingwe Nature Reserve. Surrounded by hills and trees this 9 500 hectare nature reserve is full of amazing animals, birds, insects and fauna and the best part is it’s only about a 2-hour drive from Johannesburg, which is an absolute bonus.




The house we stayed in was nestled in and amongst trees and bushes and felt almost hidden when standing on the deck because the view was so pretty and uninterrupted and the place itself was one of the most decked out self-catering homes I have ever stayed in, it literally had it all from banana cake tins to boardgames to its own private game drive vehicle! It also had enough space to sleep close to 10 people comfortably! And the cherry on top was the epic outside wooden deck which was fitted with a bar, swimming pool, and double porch swings. So yes, when I say this place had everything, I mean it.









When it came to dinner time we braaied every night down at the firepit, which was really awesome because when it got dark you literally found yourself sitting under a canopy of endless stars surrounded by the sounds and smells of the bush. No technology, no passing cars, no loud noises, just you and the glorious outside.

Warthog Lodge is perfect for any sized family! The pool does have a net that covers it in case your kids are really small like Rex. We did have to chase after him quite a bit because he was in his element out on the deck, but it was all good! That’s what 9 and half-month-old babies do, they cruise around and keep you on your toes! Hehe. Another cool thing is that the Nature Reserve also has a putt-putt course and an entertainment and pool area near the front gates, so it really is geared for kids of all ages.

We had an amazing time literally just doing nothing but swimming, cooking, view gazing and wishing we didn’t have to go home in two days.













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