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Paul Bakery

March 16, 2017


Oooohweeee there is nothing I love more than a bakery, fresh bread, fresh cakes, fresh custard slices. Man alive I love a good custard slice, in fact anything with custard in it I’m there like a greedy bear!

Over the last couple of months Melrose Arch has welcomed a few new tenants, one being Jamie’s Italian (which you can read all about in this blog post of mine) and the most recent addition Paul Bakery situated just opposite the FNB bank, which is pretty convenient because it means you can draw a mountain of cash and then simply walk across the road and blow it all on cake.

Anna-Belle and I paid Paul Bakery a visit a few days ago where we had breakfast and obviously a few slices of cake. This French inspired world famous bakery taunts you with the smell of freshly baked goods and scenes of their skilled bakers creating all the magical goods that one can buy. Yip, their baking sections have large windows up front so you can see exactly how things are made, which is pretty mesmerising especially when watching an entire tray of Eclairs being iced….drool….





If you are a breakfast person then you should without a doubt pay Paul a visit, the menu is extensive and everything on it sounds pretty delicious. We’re talking creamy Parfaits to French Toast to Omelettes, Poached Eggs, Potato and Savoury Pancakes, Full Breakfasts and Nos Croques.

I normally like having anything with bacon in it, on it or around it, but this time around I opted for something a little healthier. I had a Parfait a la Fraise which is made up of homemade Granola, Pumpkin Seeds, Linseeds, Walnuts, Almonds and Honey all layered between their specially made creamy Strawberry Yogurt and Fresh Strawberries. I really enjoyed it, especially the granola which had a distinct toasty flavour to it. Anna-Belle, on the other hand, had a Paillasson au Saumon which is a crisp Potato Cake topped with Smoked Salmon Trout and Cream Cheese. She really liked it but did mention that she thought the potato cake could have been a bit crispier.





We then shared a slice of Chocolate Ganache Tart, which was rich and delicious and a slice of Apple and Almond Tart as well a Salted Pretzel, which reminded me of our trip to Times Square in New York. All our food was really good and considering that the restaurant was packed it came out in a decent amount of time, which is always a bonus.

The last thing I’m going to mention about this place is that their bread is incredible and the have such an awesome selection, so if you fancy yourself a few fancy loaves then pop in and enjoy!

Address: Shop 010I3, Corner The High Street & Crescent Drive, Melrose Arch, Johannesburg 2196







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