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Pancakes. Yes please.

January 26, 2015



I’m always looking for quick and easy recipes for things that I love shoving into my face and pancakes/crepes is one of them. Shane’s family came over for a quick brunch and a visit the other day and I thought I would try make a quick batch of pancakes. I found a really short and easy recipe online that I used and liked, so here it is in case any of you feel like smashing a stack of pancakes this morning.

I whipped these bad boys up in just a few minutes and they turned out so nice and light, the only mistake I made, which I will remember not to do the next time around is I used salted butter instead of unsalted, it definitely altered the taste, so don’t make the same mistake. But other than that this recipe is great, especially because all the ingredients you need you will more than likely already have in your house. I hate going through a recipe and halfway through realising that I have to go to the shops if I want to make it. No no no.

If you don’t have time to make pancakes, or you just don’t feel like it and would rather have someone make them for you (this is how I feel most days), check out our post on ‘Nice on 4th’ on Jobest today, it’s one of the best breakfast/lunch spots in Joburg and they make some killer pancakes.

Now if you will excuse me I’m going to try convince my Shane to whip me up a batch of these. Heeeee.

This recipes yields about ±9 big crepe/pancakes, so double it if you’re feeling hungry/greedy.


· 1 cup flour

· half cup milk

· half cup water

· 1/4 teaspoon salt

· 30 grams melted unsalted butter

· 2 eggs


1. Mix all these ingredients together in one bowl. The recipe calls for the mixture to sit in the fridge for an hour before using it, I left this step out and they came out just fine.

2. Pour mixture into a jug, Spray ‘n Cook your pan and then you are A-for-away. Happy pancaking!











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