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Paintings by Alex Kanevsky

June 25, 2014

Alex Kanevsky-2

Russian-born Alex Kanevsky is a figurative painter who creates such beautiful pieces out of almost moving paintbrush strokes. He explains his technique best in these few lines –

-People, whom I paint, are never still. They want to move, they are built for motion. It is actually painful for models to be still longer than 20 minutes. I like them, I find them endlessly fascinating, how they are built, the way they grow and shrink over time, how they move, act, express their emotions, etc. So I want to paint them the way they are, and to me they are defined by their motion. A brick is defined by its shape and people are defined by their motion.

Alex Kanevsky-4

Alex Kanevsky-9


Alex Kanevsky-10

Alex Kanevsky-12

Alex Kanevsky-14

Alex Kanevsky-6

Alex Kanevsky-13

Alex Kanevsky-5



Alex Kanevsky-8

Alex Kanevsky-7

Alex Kanevsky-11

Alex Kanevsky-1


Alex Kanevsky-15


Alex Kanevsky-3





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