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Cookie Monster Cookies

March 20, 2019


I’m a big fan of cookies, I like them because no one can keep track of how many you’ve eaten. If you say you’ve only had one but in the meantime, you’re chomping down on your 7th, no one will ever know! They’re easy to grab and easy to devour, doing away with any evidence in a matter of seconds. No need for a knife to cut a slice, a cake plate to hold the goods or a fork to help you eat it. Hand, mouth the end!

Today I sat down and thought about everything I would like in a giant cookie, I imagined all the flavours that I thought would go nicely together and then I started putting them aside. Starting with a giant box of Astros (these guys are underrated), peanut butter, a bowl of dark chocolate chunks and finally oats for some extra crunch! All these ingredients looked magnificent together and I felt like they were the perfect combo to make up my Cookie Monster Cookies recipe. I’m calling them this because they feel like the type of cookie the maestro himself would knock another puppet off their perch for!

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My Recipes, RECIPES

Chocolate, Caramel and Coffee Bundt cake

March 12, 2019


The other day I was sitting at home and I felt like a piece of coffee cake, but then suddenly I also felt like a piece of chocolate cake so I thought, why not make a coffee and chocolate cake and then throw some gooey caramel in there for good measure. I mean it’s always fun to fill your pie hole with as much sugary goodness as humanly possible in one sitting right? Right.

So that is exactly what I did! This cake is bitter, sweet and delicious and goes down a treat with a good cup of strong coffee. I think that I should also state here that if you feel like the caramel might be slight overkill, then you can totally leave it out and instead add some whipped vanilla cream or just enjoy a nice thick slice of soft coffee flavoured chocolate cake on its own. No one will judge you, I promise. Mainly because no one else who may be reading this post will ever know.

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Winter is coming

March 5, 2019


Just recently I have discovered a local online store called Kind that brings in beautiful organic baby/kids clothing from the awesome Gray Label who honestly make some of the softest, comfiest clothing I have ever bought my kids, not to mention well designed and void of any big logos, and weird slogans that often ruin things by trying to make them relevant’. I hate that!

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MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet’s 21 years of Giving Back

February 25, 2019



Last week my friend Jo and I went to visit Cotlands. We arrived with a bunch of cupcakes and spent a lovely morning with the awesome ladies who work there and the wonderful group of kids who fall are under their care a few times a week.

One of the reasons for the cupcakes and the visit is that this month MySchool My Planet MyVillage is celebrating their 21st birthday and in turn have set aside R2.1 million to give away to 21 deserving causes across South Africa. So through this MySchool21 campaign, you get to choose where all this money goes by nominating any beneficiary that is making a difference in our communities and for me, Cotlands was most deserving.

This organisation has always been on my radar, ever since I worked on it a few years back when I was still in advertising and since having kids of my own I can really appreciate and respect those out there looking out for little ones in need.

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Valentine’s Day Love Heart Cakes

February 12, 2019


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I’ve got a sweet little recipe for you to try that will yield you a batch of mini heart-shaped cakes that you can personalise with any message you like. Sound good?

I know Valentine’s Day is pretty cliche, but I don’t care I like playing into the fluffiness of it all and this year I’m going to make Shane, Nina and Rex their own little cakes to scoff down any way they like. So if you’re ready to make some Valentine’s Day Love Heart Cakes then carry on reading! And if you’re ready to eat some Valentine’s Day Love Heart Cakes then I suggest you sneakily forward this recipe onto your loved one.

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Churche: I can see a ghost

February 11, 2019


I haven’t posted a Churche shoot in a while so I’m pretty amped to share this one with you all. Adi and I met this young clothing designer named Jacques Bam who creates amazing outfits out of all sorts of colours and fabrics and who loves experimenting with texture, shape and style. As soon as we saw his collection we knew we wanted to shoot it for something, anything.

So we set up a shoot in a dilapidated house that had literally been abandoned by its owners, as in there was still some of their stuff lying around, old family photos, videotapes, CD’s, books, documents and of course posters of the Backstreet Boys, I kid you not.  Not only did we get to shoot in this crazy space, but we got to dress one of the most amazing faces, which belongs to this young model named Janeke Gouws in Jaques creations.

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