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April 18, 2019


It’s almost Easter time and for fun, Royal Baking Powder challenged me and the wonderful Katelyn from The Kate Tin to each come up with an Easter themed recipe. So what we decided to do is send one another a simple recipe for something that we like to make and then get the other person to ‘Easter-fy’ it up.

I sent Katlyn one of my favourite recipes for flapjacks, which she then used to make delicious Hot Cross Bun flapjacks with that look amazing! I actually can’t wait to try them!

She, in turn, sent me her recipe for an awesome Funfetti cake that I decided to jazz up into a Funfetti Speckled Egg Ice-Cream Cake! I’m talking creamy homemade speckled egg ice-cream sandwiched between two layers of vanilla Funfetti sponge, topped with whipped cream and sprinkle magic!

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My Recipes, RECIPES

Melting Moments Cookies

April 16, 2019


Have you ever eaten a biscuit that literally melts in your mouth? I’m talking the type of biscuit that will have you holding one in each hand while you’re still chewing your first helping. People have been making Melting Moments Cookies for years and years and once you make them, you’ll understand why.

This is the second recipe I’ll be sharing from my Maizena series and it’s a real goodie because of the cornstarch used in it, it’s actually the key ingredient that makes these biscuits so crumbly, light and super delicious.

Traditionally, people cover the tops with a generous dusting of icing sugar, but I decided to dip them in melted dark chocolate just to make them extra special and extra special is exactly how they turned out. These morish treats took next to no time to make and equally less time to polish off, so if you’re in the market for a delicious treat then scroll down and get baking.

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Brooklyn Blackout Cake

April 10, 2019


Anyone out there a fan of a custard slice, cake, pie or just custard in general? Well then do I have a treat for you! Have you ever heard of a Brooklyn Blackout Cake before? A few years ago I attempted to make one, but it was a bit of a fail. It literally started falling apart the second I brought it out, which is never a good look on any cake table. I was a bit apprehensive to try it again, but this cake sounds and looks so good that I had to give it another go.

So I tried out a few recipes, altered one or two things here and there and bam made this Brooklyn Blackout Cake which tastes as good as it looks. I’m actually thinking if renaming it the Joburg Blackout Cake hahah, just for fun!

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Chocolate Marshmallow Mousse

April 7, 2019


We all know that this time of year means that whether you like it or not and let’s face it, who is not going to like it, you’re going to overdo it on the chocolate front. The shops are busting at the seams with all sorts of tidbits calling your name as you push your trolly past Easter displays hoping that your willpower will prevent you from buying your 8th box of marshmallow eggs!

I have to admit I’m slightly addicted to them which means that our pantry is currently stocked with a couple of boxes. Yesterday I was looking at the numerous wrappers leftover from one of my marshmallow egg binges and I thought to myself, you know what would be amazing? Chocolate Marshmallow Egg Mousse!

I started by Googling a recipe for marshmallow mousse, a few came up, which meant I was off to a good start. I then decided that I’d make my own version of it by using chocolate marshmallow eggs instead of normal marshmallows and then place my gooey chocolaty concoction inside a bowl made of chocolate! I mean who wouldn’t want a chocolate dessert that comes in a chocolate shaped bowl that you can eat afterwards?!

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The Field Berry Farm

March 29, 2019


How often have you asked yourself what there is to do with kids in Johannesburg? I find myself battling with this dilemma pretty much every weekend, which drives me nuts because you want to be able to go to a place that not only they will like, but you will too! So when my lovely friend Gina King suggested going to The Field Berry Farm which involves, the outdoors, raspberry picking, raspberry eating, cake, food, homemade lemonade, beer and a play area we were in like flint! They even have a farm bike track for older kids, so take your bikes if you feel like a bit of a ride!

This beautiful little farm located in the South of Joburg has it all and it makes for such a wonderful full afternoon out for everyone and anyone. I mean who wouldn’t want to blissfully walk up and down rows of bushes laden with raspberries as the wind blows through your hair while you pick berries to your heart’s content.

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My Recipes, RECIPES

Cookie Monster Cookies

March 20, 2019


I’m a big fan of cookies, I like them because no one can keep track of how many you’ve eaten. If you say you’ve only had one but in the meantime, you’re chomping down on your 7th, no one will ever know! They’re easy to grab and easy to devour, doing away with any evidence in a matter of seconds. No need for a knife to cut a slice, a cake plate to hold the goods or a fork to help you eat it. Hand, mouth the end!

Today I sat down and thought about everything I would like in a giant cookie, I imagined all the flavours that I thought would go nicely together and then I started putting them aside. Starting with a giant box of Astros (these guys are underrated), peanut butter, a bowl of dark chocolate chunks and finally oats for some extra crunch! All these ingredients looked magnificent together and I felt like they were the perfect combo to make up my Cookie Monster Cookies recipe. I’m calling them this because they feel like the type of cookie the maestro himself would knock another puppet off their perch for!

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