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Lau’s Restaurant

October 20, 2017


Ok, guys, I’m really amped to tell you guys about this specific restaurant because I feel like it’s one of those places that should be kept a secret but shouldn’t because the food is just so damn good!! If you’re a sucker for amazing traditional Chinese food made in an authentic and beyond delicious way, then keep reading.

My friend Ying took me to one of her family’s favourite places in Johannesburg called Lau’s Restaurant, located on the second floor of a weird building next to a petrol station in Rivonia! The inside of Lau’s is definitely not going to win any interior design awards, in fact, it looks a bit like a wedding venue gone wrong. Picture if you will, roundtables, off-peach and cream tablecloths and chair covers, dramatic curtains and loads and loads of fluorescent lighting. But trust me you’re not there for the decor, even though it totally adds to the whole experience in the best way, you are there for the food, which will have you dreaming about each dish you ordered every night until you go back.

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Churche, FASHION, photography

Churche – Peek

October 17, 2017

Churche - Peek

I’m so excited to show you guys the entire series that we (Churche) shot for a great initiative called Peek created by the Craft and Design Institute to showcase beautiful products made locally in South Africa. Peek has an online store that stocks a lot of really cool products made by an array of people who are located all over South Africa from city centers to rural areas.

We wanted to do something different in order to showcase some of the items you can buy on the site, so we ordered a variety of things that we liked and we made outfits out of them to use in our shoot. We then got the beautiful Gladys Brown onboard and shot on the amazing grounds of Hertford Country Hotel.

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My Recipes

Black Coconut and Peanut Butter Nice Cream

October 16, 2017


This post is about another recipe that Nicole and I tried out the other day for a Black Coconut and Peanut Butter Nice Cream. If some of you aren’t sure what a nice cream is then I’ll explain, at it’s simplest it’s frozen bananas blended up to make ‘soft serve’. You can then add whatever you’d like to create different flavours. So basically it’s a healthy ice-cream with no preservatives, sugar or dairy and it tastes amazing. Pretty awesome right?

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My Recipes

Banana Boston Cream Cake

October 6, 2017


The other day I was feeling like a custard cake so I pulled out my Home Sweet Home book by The Hummingbird Bakery and paged through it to see if there was something along those lines in it, not only did I find a custard cake but I found a banana, chocolate, and custard cake! Those are like three of the best flavours ever so I didn’t waste any time starting to put this magnificent beast together.

There are quite a few steps involved, you have to make the sponge, the custard and the ganache that goes on top so I wouldn’t say that it’s the quickest recipe to get through, but it’s totally worth all the effort because it’s super delicious. I changed a couple of things from the original recipe, but it still worked out great and I was really happy with the end result.

So if you fancy a soft fragrant banana sponge with a sweet custard center and a rich chocolate ganache frosting, then this is the cake for you. If you don’t like bananas, custard or chocolate then may I suggest you give it a major skip!

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Basecamp Linden

October 3, 2017


If you work for yourself like I do then you’ll know how difficult it is sometimes to actually sit at home and work, especially if your set-up is like mine and you have not one, but two sweet-faced distractions around that want your attention all the time. What’s awesome is that these days there are quite a number of really cool shared workspaces that have popped up all around Joburg that make working out of home really easy and convenient!

My friend Cherise has just recently opened up one of these great little spots in Linden called Basecamp, but what’s really awesome about her space is that when you sign up for a month or two or whatever the case is, you get your own desk and your very own set of keys, which means you are free to come and go as you please. You also have access to all their facilities which includes wifi, a skype room, meeting room, printer and kitchen which is always stocked with tea, coffee, and rusks! It’s also located directly opposite Brian Lara and The Whippet etc so if you feel like popping out for lunch all you have to do is cross the street.

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My Recipes

Coconut, Granadilla and Banana smoothie

September 29, 2017


There is nothing quite like a nice fruit smoothie especially when it’s hot outside! Nicole and I have been experimenting with a few flavour combos and have come up with a couple of really easy and tasty ones that you can literally blitz up in a few minutes! Best part is they are packed full of goodness and all things that make you feel nice and healthy on the inside.

One of our favourites that we’ve made so far is this Coconut, Granadilla and Banana Smoothie with Chia Seeds. This drink tasted and looked so good and it went down an absolute treat and it also couldn’t be easier to make, the only way it could be is if someone else makes it for you!

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