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Almond Berry Chia Pudding

September 6, 2017

Almond Berry Chia Pudding-1

Chia seeds, what are they? Why do people eat them? I mean before I started tinkering around in the kitchen with Nicole I had never had chia seeds before. This super food has loads of benefits that deliver a massive amount of nutrients with very few calories and they are really versatile!

The first time I tried a chia pudding I wasn’t too sure about the texture, it kind of made me feel a bit wobbly on the inside, but now that I’ve had a few I’m starting to really like them, especially when they topped with lots of delicious fruit. These puddings, which are actually breakfasts do require a bit of prep time, your chia seeds need to soak for at least 4 hours or preferably over night, but they are so worth it.

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Healthy Homemade Snickers Bars

September 1, 2017


I’m guessing that there aren’t a lot of people out there that don’t like a good old fashioned Snickers Bar, it’s like a match made in sweet heaven – caramel, chocolate, and nuts all in one glorious bite!

Now, what if I said that Nicole and I stumbled across a recipe for a healthy Vegan, sugar-free Snickers Bar that tastes even better than the real thing, I kid you not. I’m a huge fan of chocolate and all things sweet, so again I was a little skeptical but super interested to see how these bars would turn out and if they held a candle to the real thing. PS: They came holding blow torches!

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Easy to make bunny cupcakes

August 28, 2017


I’m happy to say that the second episode of mine and Nina James’ YouTube series Tastes Like Nice is out and it’s all about Easy To Make Bunny Cupcakes, which really are easy to make not to mention really fun!

I love making these with her because she really gets to play around with the decorations and often, in the end, we get a mix of the funniest, but best looking ‘bunny’ cupcakes that look like they belong to the craziest crew on the block! This recipe which doesn’t require that much admin or ingredients yields some pretty tasty vanilla cupcakes that have been flop proof every time I’ve whipped them up, so don’t worry about coming out with average cake (some vanilla cupcakes can be so average). The icing I use is a pretty standard butter cream icing, but if you don’t feel like it, you could always replace it with a yummy marshmallow frosting.

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Grab ’em by the Imagination

August 25, 2017


I’m so excited to share this event with you guys, if you’re into local design then this post is for you! A group of eight amazing female illustrators and designers have come together to put on an exhibition titled ‘Grab ’em by the Imagination’ at Rialheim in Linden. The show itself will be open to the public tomorrow (Saturday the 26th of August) for ONE day only where you’ll be able to buy prints, original artworks, flash tattoos, patches, hand drawn tote bags, clocks and loads more awesome pieces which have all been created for this specific event. There are also eight once-off hand painted Rialheim ceramics that they will be auctioning off to the highest bidders, these pieces are all really cool so I’m thinking there is going to be a bit of a bidding war for them and the best part is that all the proceeds will be going to Women’sNet and NISAA.

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Thai Salad with Sweet and Salty Tofu and Red Curry Peanut Sauce

August 24, 2017


Nicole and I have been meeting every week for the past three weeks to experiment with different Vegan, gluten, and sugar-free recipes and I have really been enjoying finding and discovering new ways to make things that I love! We have recreated some really cool things and I can’t wait to share them all with you guys.

So far I have posted about a rich Beetroot Hummus and Golden Turmeric Hummus and a decadent Chocolate Vegan Brownies covered in the most amazing Chocolate Sauce. All three of these recipes were nice and easy to follow and despite me being slightly skeptical of the brownies before we made them, I was a fan by the end!

This week we thought we would serve up another savoury dish but this time in the form of a Thai Salad with Sweet and Salty Tofu and Red Curry Peanut Sauce (we found the recipe on a cool blog called Cashew Kitchen). We were pretty amped to whip this up because of all the awesome flavours involved and because it really doesn’t require that much time or effort, other than the shredding of the veggies that go into it. So if you’re looking to make something a little different for dinner tonight do not for one second hesitate to try this recipe out. Trust me.

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Naked Kitchen & Coffee Bar

August 22, 2017



I hardly ever venture out of my little bubble when it comes to working in coffee shops or shared work spaces etc. I don’t really like driving far and by far I mean anywhere further than 5km hehe. When I have to go to say Fourways, for example, I take a deep breath and prepare myself for the looooooong drive. I know I know, I’m ridiculous! What can I say, I like my neighbourhood.

A couple of days ago Anna-Belle and I decided to go have lunch at Naked Kitchen & Coffee Bar in Morningside. We had seen a bit about it online and so thought we would have our weekly catch-up there and I’m super happy to say that I’m glad we did! Not only was the coffee really good, but the food was amazing with a capital A, not sure how that makes a difference to the actual word, if it makes it more impactful or what, but it’s a saying I’ve grown up with so I’m whipping out!

The head chef whose name is Amazing Sasha with a capital A makes food that smells, looks and tastes amazing (word of the day).

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