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Vegan Milk Tart

February 27, 2018


Did you guys know that today is National Milk Tart Day? I love the fact that this South African sweet treat is loved so much that it needs its own special day, I would personally give it more than just one day, but hey that’s just me!

A milk tart is traditionally described as a shortbread crust with a milky filling and is said to come from the Dutch back in the 1600s. When I describe it I like to use the words ‘Can I have another slice please and make it a fat one?’. This tart makes me think of tea and Summer afternoons in the garden and I wish I actually made the effort to bake them more often. So seeing as it is National Milk Tart Day I thought I’d share the recipe for this Vegan Milktart that Nicole (before she left) and I made together in partnership with Maizena.

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