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DIY Guest room and study

June 11, 2014

DIY Guest room and study-1

Now that we have a little one on her way, Shane and I needed to transform our study into the babies room and our spare room into the study, but we still wanted to have the option of using the study as a guest bedroom. So I went looking for some reference on how we could do exactly that in a compact and clever way.

My very clever husband then had a look at all the reference I gave him, adapted one of the ideas and then drew up the plans for our DIY Guest room/study. He then set out to build it by himself, which I was a bit apprehensive about, but now that it’s complete and flipping awesome, I will never ever question his ability to wield a hammer and saw again.

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DESIGN, interiors

Toddler room makeover

January 25, 2019


For the first year and a bit of Rex’s life, he slept in a camp cot in our room. We live in a three bedroomed flat so when we decided that it was time to move him into his own space he landed up in the guest bedroom and because he was now old enough to try and escape his camp cot every time we put him in it, my anxiety levels were reaching all new levels of high, which meant it was time to get him a big boy bed.

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Homemade Sweetie Pies

December 20, 2016


I love Sweetie Pies, I don’t buy them often when I go to the shops but every now and then I spot them and they come home with me, only to be devoured like 20 minutes later on the couch. So I was thinking to myself that I’d try my hand at making some homemade Sweetie Pies that way I could change the name to homemade Angie Pies and eat as many as I want without anyone knowing. Good plan right?

I recently was invited to see Poetry’s latest SS17 Homeware collection, which is so so pretty. I landed up coming home with a few pieces, obviously, I’m a sucker for ceramics and kitchenware, especially ones with gold trimmings and swishes of pale blue paint. I also bought myself an absolutely amazing set of knives, forks and spoons from Laguiole which I’m in love with. So after my Angie Pies were made I hauled out my new kitchen loot and put together a little shoot, as one would.

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Things you can make and eat on Valentines Day

February 11, 2014


Valentines Day is just around the corner and I thought I would share some cool recipes with you guys that you can make for your loved one, slash yourself (secretly). I think homemade stuff for things like Valentine’s Day are the best and who would be sad to get any of things below? No one. Impossible, unless your’re bat-sh*t crazy.

I saw a bunch of cool pink and heart shaped delicious looking things floating around, so here they are in all there googey loveliness. Enjoy and if you try making any of them, good luck and happy face stuffing.

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baked goods, RECIPES

Typography cake. Now. I want it now.

May 15, 2013


Good Lord, look at this amazing cake! My friend Clint always finds the coolest things like this and then mails me the link (he found Eyescream and Friends). He is the best at finding stuff that makes me want to backflip off a roof. I’m so so so going to try make this cake and when I do I will blog about the results, but for now check out these cool photos and read about how to make it. Here is a link back to the genius who actually made this in the first place – Victoria I’m sending you a virtual high-5, because your face and this cake flipping rule.

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Shiny party.

January 16, 2013


I love it when people make an effort to brighten up a place for a party. This year I want glitter and confetti and the balloons and pom poms at my birthday. Stuff like this automatically makes me as happy as a pig in mud flavoured pudding.

I WANT this Pom Pom Installation, which I don’t think will be that hard to replicate.

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