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Oreo Monster Pops – Halloween Treats

October 24, 2017


OOoooooooOooooohohohoooooohhh Halloween is almost upon us so I thought that Nina and I would create some Oreo Monster Pops – Halloween Treats which can be whipped up in no time and then devoured in even less! This delicious chocolate coated Oreo bites are really fun to make with your kids because you can go all out on decorations and make some crazy looking monsters covered in all sorts of yummy things to eat.

Nina really enjoyed this activity because one, it involved sprinkles my child’s favourite thing! And two she got to eat what she made afterward which I think for kids is always a bonus, in fact, I think it’s a bonus for whoever is helping them too! I won’t say no to an Oreo pop!

I thought this recipe would be the perfect opportunity for us to create our next episode on Tastes Like Nice. I know it’s been a while since the last one (Bunny Cupcakes), but we are working really hard to start closing up the gaps between episodes. Once again any feedback would be lovely, we’re still learning the ins and outs of video, it’s quite tricky sometimes, but we’re having fun whilst learning.

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Ok, so Oreo Monster Pops here we come…….Enjoy!







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