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On Sunday we went to church and…

July 13, 2009


Today we went to this beautiful monastery in Montserrat, which we had to take a 90 minute train trip to get to and then a cable car which takes you up a very very high mountain where it is situated –  the cable car ride was super awesome. Once up there we visited the Basilica, which is an enormous and beautiful church that was built in the 1560’s. These pictures in no way show just how magnificent this building actually is. I wish I could show you with my real eyes.

Today we also walked around the city centre in Barcelona a bit. Geez there are so many little restaurants and shops and people everywhere. It is so awesome. It’s so lively and pretty here. I like it a lot. Anyway we were trying to find a place to eat and so we stopped outside a little restaurant to look at it’s menu, whilst there I looked to my left only see a sweet little deer vase sitting on a table with  a middle aged gentlemen as it’s companion. My face immediately lit up like a big smiling pumpkin. He saw this and told me that he had just bought it from another man who was trying to make some extra money and he has no idea what he’s going to do with it because it doesn’t fit with his house – so he gave it to me, just like that. And just like that my pumpkin turned into a giant grinning watermelon. I think he realised pretty quickly that he had done the right thing ha. I’ve called it Pablo, after the kind man who gave it me.


church7 church6

church8 church3


Shane and I have also been trying to stick Desmond and the Tutus stickers up everywhere. I was being super sneaky about it. I think I would make a damn good sneaky sticker spy. Yes.



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  • jo July 13, 2009 at 10:57 am

    pablo is awesome! What are the odds. holy crap that’s an awesome story.

  • dee July 13, 2009 at 3:25 pm

    i loved Montserrat too. i actually lost my friends (i was wondering around on the trails at the top of the mountain) & ended up taking a nap on a bench under a tree next to furnicular station (did you go up there?) while they ran around trying to find me. it was a good day!

    oh em gee i loved barcelona, take it aaaaaall in!