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nutella equals happiness and obesity, but more happiness. yes.

June 26, 2009




today we walked around cannes looking at the shops and eating nutella pancakes. obvioulsy. there’s nothing quite like a nutella pancake. why you may ask? well because it’s about twice the size of Minnie Driver’s face (yikes) and has enough nutella in it to fill a third of that giant jar i’m holding. yes indeed. *all i’m saying is the guy was lucky i returned that thing – if i had legs like Zola Budd i would have run like the french wind. yes indeed again.

i didn’t really find anything too interesting to buy. there’s no H&M here – sad sad sad. but i did come home with this awesome wooden pencil case that has wooden pencils and a wooden sharpener and i found a sweet little snow globe, yes cannes has snow globes. awesome.



i saw this really pretty dress, that i would of bought if the 350 euro price tag didn’t punch me in the neck. wow. we also went into this shop that sells everything for 2 euros and i do mean everything and donnie bought an awesome pair of adidas sneakers that look like they came straight out of 1983. so super cool.

dress11 donnie-shoes1

2-euro-shop11 2-euro-shop21

2-euro-shop31 2-euro-shop41

so all in all we had a pretty good day. ok got to go. we’re all going out for a network dinner – should be fun. will post again tomorrow from monte carlo. HELLO! hee

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