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Nonna’s food bar

December 9, 2016

I’m a sucker for homemade pasta but only if it’s done right! There are two things that I hate when I go to a restaurant that serves fresh pasta, I don’t like it when the portions are too small, as if someone sat and counted every strand of spaghetti, because you know that stuff is so ‘expensive’ to make and when the pasta is a bit wet and sloppy. Luckily this was not the case with the next restaurant I’m going to tell you about now.

My mom and I went through to Sandton City the other day to have lunch at Nonna’s Food Bar which is a 100% Italian restaurant built on the owner’s very own Nonna’s (granny in Italian) original recipes so what they serve is good wholesome Italian food which is super delicious.

The set-up in a way where you can walk in and pretty much make the menu up as you please. Yip, you walk in and in front of you are various stations, so if you feel like pasta you order from the Pasta Station and if you want to change something up that’s on the menu or create something new you are free to do so, add, take away, add some more and the same goes for the Pizza, Antipasti, Gourmet Salad and Dessert Stations. The concept is pretty novel and I think it works really well because sometimes you just feel like a specific thing and that is that.

My mom and I shared a few things just so that we could have the full experience and because we love eating! Everything is made fresh and from scratch every single day, the pasta, the bread, the sauces, even the ice-cream which is made right in front of you and by the way it’s Vegan.

We had the Prima Vera which came with cherry tomatoes, olives, red and yellow peppers, olive oil and garlic. It was light and super tasty and the pasta was cooked just right. We also had a few squares of their thin based homemade pizza and their fried zucchinis, which were crisp and so addictive! If you go definitely order a portion. Then, of course, I had to end with an ice-cream that I ordered with crushed Zoo biscuits, Crunchie and loads of chocolate sauce. Obviously. Like I mentioned above they make it right in front of you, which is pretty cool to watch and you can add as many treats as your little heart desires.

They also have a coffee bar which serves a few different blends, including a signature blend as well as a selection of imported and local cold drinks.

Guys, if you want awesome Italian food in a traditional, yet non-traditional way then pay Nonna’s a visit you won’t be sorry.

Address: Shop BC01, Sandton City Banking Court, Sandown, Sandton.

Contact : 060 8859688

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