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Nina Torr – Again and Again

December 10, 2014


Nina Torr is one of my all time, most favourite South African artists. I own a couple of her pieces and a few weeks ago I got to add to my collection. Nina had a solo exhibition called Again and Again, which consisted of a series of gouache paintings which came together to form a large cyclorama around the gallery – I have never seen a show like that before, it was so amazing.

It was such an awesome exhibition with so many pieces that I would of loved to have taken home with me. I got an early sneak peak of her work the morning it went up, so I got first pick (hehe) and pick I did. I felt like I couldn’t leave with just one, so I bought two. Once you look at some of the series below, you’ll understand why it was so hard to choose, but I’m so happy with the ones I got.

Mine are the first two below – The first one makes me think of Michael Jackson, it’s like he’s leading the pig-bear off to Neverland for tea. The second one I acquired was the final piece in her collection and one of the most beautiful, made me feel a bit sad, but in a good way (I know what I mean).

If have you never checked out Nina’s work before, I suggest you do, this young lass is going to be famous one day, I just know it.

nina torr-2

nina torr-20

nina torr-15

nina torr-1

nina torr

nina torr-16


nina torr-3

nina torr-6

nina torr-14

nina torr-13

nina torr-19

nina torr-18

nina torr-4

nina torr-17

nina torr-9

nina torr-8

nina torr-7



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