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December 1, 2014


Last weekend I got some new things for Nina, the house and myself. Thought I would share them with you in case anyone was in the market for shoes, a new rug, a light box or some cute baby things. Que photos…

In my room I had a really nice cream knotted rug, but I quickly learnt that the colour cream is not my friend and probably will never ever be. It was such a nice piece, but damn was it hard to keep clean and I’m one of those people that freak out when there are marks or scratches on stuff. So I went back to Mr P Home in search of a new one and lucky for me I found one I liked and it’s more black than any other colour, which is great. Hopefully it’ll last longer.

Whilst at Sandton City I also found this super cool light box that has a bunch of different letters so you can spell stuff out. I spotted it on Emma’s blog a while back and was going to ask her where she bought it from so I could get one, but I happened across it at Typo and snapped it up. I think it so much fun for dinner parties and birthdays or romances, you know…

I also got sent a awesome pair of Jane Sews leather sandals in the post from my friend Amy, who is always spoiling me with beautiful things from her label.

Nina also got some spoils over the weekend. I spotted a Lou Harvey store in The Parks Shopping Centre in Parkwood and bought Nina slash myself a new nappy bag. This little shop is jam packed full of all sorts of cutesy things for kids and adults. You will spend money if you go there, you have been warned.

I also got these super cute baby accessories from Mina Moo, which is an all local baby brand that has very sweet things for babies/toddlers. You should check them out, their patterns are so nice and out of the ordinary, not what you would expect, I mean I’ve never seen a houndstooth bib before…














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