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New art for the house.

February 18, 2014


A while back I did a post about the extremely talented Miss Lorraine Loots and today I’m posting about my very own piece that I bought. Lorraine hand delivered it over the weekend and I couldn’t be happier with it if I tried. It truly is such an amazing piece of art. This is the first miniature of hers in this series that I have seen up-close and the sheer size of it and the detail in the painting is mind blowing. I cannot believe that she gets so much detail into something so small – it’s crazy!

My new Lorraine is now sitting next to the the very very first piece of art we ever ever bought from Wolves, when we first started. It’s a very cool piece by Michael Linders, we call it giant face and I think these 2 next to each other are perfect.

Oh I love art so flipping much, cannot get enough of it. One day I think I may land up on an episode of Art Hoarders (not that such a show exists, but if it did, I would want to be on it).











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