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Marataba Trails Lodge

August 1, 2016


Sometimes all you feel like doing is driving out of the city to a place that is literally surrounded by the untamed beauty of nature, so no TV, no internet, no Kardashians, no worries, just you and the great big outdoors.

A few weeks back Shane and I went away for a weekend and stayed at the amazing Marataba Trails Lodge located on a big 5-private reserve in the Waterberg. This utterly amazing lodge is literally perched on the side of a mountain, with 180° views of Waterfall Valley. Our room, which was one of only 5 Eco-Suites on the property overlooked one of the best views I have ever seen. The rooms are made mostly of glass so you really get to take it all in. In fact, it was so nice to lie on the bed and just stare out that I almost missed high-tea because of it and you know how I feel about mini cakes, which means it must have been good. Even the shower looks out onto the expansive landscape, which is quite something.









Another thing that makes Marataba Trails Lodge unique is it’s walking trails, which can lead you through gorges or over the top of the Kransberg ranges and right into the arms of grazing animals such elephants and even lion! This was the first time I had ever gone on a walking trail and I’m not going to lie, even though I was excited I was a bit scared too, being on foot and not on the back of a land cruiser while rhino graze 25 metres away from you can really get the old ticker going.

On a side note I was secretly happy that we didn’t run into any lions because I have a very strong suspicion that I would have wept like a brooding 5-year old after being told that they can’t watch Frozen for the third time that day. I’ve heard kids lose their minds over that movie, I have yet to see it but I’m guessing that that’s going to change really soon seeing as Nina James has just turned two. Wish me luck.










Another first for us was the water safari we went on. It required a 6am wake call and a 2-hour drive to the river bank, but the view and the awaiting breakfast was so worth it. So if you’re a huge bird enthusiast I’d recommend you climb on board, but if you hate pythons I suggest you don’t. The river is home to a good number of them and the gentleman who operates the boat loves to see just how many he can spot in one trip. Snakes on a Plane doesn’t have anything on him!





Marataba Trails Lodge gets you from the minute you round the corner because of its beautiful yet simple design, remoteness, and breathtaking surrounds.

The food is delicious and that’s because everything and I mean everything is made from scratch including their own biltong and the most awesome passion fruit panna cotta I have ever tasted. The staff was beyond attentive, they even got together and serenaded us after supper one night, which was quite something.

This place makes you feel like you’re the King Of The Hill and I’d say if you’re looking to spoil yourself in a unique setting then pack your hiking boots, get in your car, say goodbye to reality TV slash reality for the next little while and just get lost in awesomeness that is Marataba. Happy travels.








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