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Lorraine Loots – 365 Paintings for Ants

October 29, 2013

Lorraine Loots-30

Lorraine Loots-16

I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with Lorraine Loots’ amazing amazing miniature paintings series called “365 paintings for Ants” and if you’re not then prepare to have your mind blown by these tiny (and when I say tiny, I mean tiny, we’re talking like 15mm) works of beautiful art. Lorraine literally hand paints tiny beautifully crafted and detailed paintings of just about anything from bikes, to Yoda, to bears, to galaxies, to video games, to landscapes to sandwiches. You name it and she can paint it, in fact you can commission her to paint you something which will form part of this exhibition, that will belong to you at the end of it.  I cannot wait to see all these pieces together in one room, it’s going to be beyond awesome.

I first met Lorraine a little while back at a friend’s house in Cape Town, she told me that she painted little pictures for some jewellery that another lady was selling online, I knew exactly what she was talking about because I wanted one of those pieces so I was very excited to meet the genius hands behind the paintings. Now Lorraine makes me happy pretty much every single day when she uploads her latest creation onto Instagram (@lorraineloots). So I have gone through a bunch of her work so far and picked some of my favourites, but if you want you can check them all out here.

Lorraine Loots-27

Lorraine Loots-3

Lorraine Loots-18

Lorraine Loots-12

Lorraine Loots

Lorraine Loots-24

Lorraine Loots-32

Lorraine Loots-29

Lorraine Loots-14

Lorraine Loots-22

Lorraine Loots-20

Lorraine Loots-6

Lorraine Loots-4

Lorraine Loots-19

Lorraine Loots-31

Lorraine Loots-21

Lorraine Loots-9

Lorraine Loots-7

Lorraine Loots-10

Lorraine Loots-17

Lorraine Loots-33

Lorraine Loots-34

I have bought one of these paintings, when I saw it I knew it had to be mine because it reminded me of my brother and being a kid so much. When I was younger I was quite a tomboy so video games, He-Man, bike gangs that was all my type of thing haha! And only very recently did I get rid of all my old video games, the whole lot of them, from my Sega to my Gameboy to my Nintendo, so when I saw this painting I mailed Lorraine immediately. I had kept them for so long because they had so many cool memories attached to them, but now I get to remember them in a more special, smaller way.

Lorraine Loots-35








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