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Look what I made mom, a piece of paper with my name on it.

May 16, 2011

This morning Este and I had to do something for Monday morning creative meeting. We decided to go back to nursery school. Do you all remember making cone men and marie biscuits with coloured icing? It’s one of only very few memories I have of when I was young. When we were mixing the icing sugar and water this morning, the smell took me right back. Mine is the Hilbrow tower at the top of this pile, the bears on the side thought it would be funny to jump off the top -as you can see that idea didn’t end well.

I love how they used to write your names on the paper so you knew which was yours when it was time to take them home to your mom, as if they lasted till the end of the day. Ha!

ps: the youngest participant was 24, not 3! Hard to believe I know.

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