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Levis and Me: Andrew Berry and Angie Batis Durrant

March 6, 2013



I am very happy to announce an exciting new project that I am working on with my friend Andrew Berry from We-are-awesome. The 2 of us together with Levis have come up with a new series called Levis and Me.

The idea is very simple, we are going to be taking photos and introducing some interesting and cool people that live in our cities, namely Johannesburg and Cape Town to all of you guys. Each week, in fact each Wednesday to be exact we will each be posting a different person up on both of our blogs. So I will be introducing you guys to someone and so will Andrew. And at the same time we will be showcasing Levis’ new ranges and there are some really cool pieces that make it up, so i’m excited to share them with you guys.

So without further adue here are the first Levisians. Andrew and I. We had to start with the simplest people we know to see if the project is foolproof, turns out it is.




· Name: Andrew Berry

· Job: We-are-awesome


 1. What city do you live in, and how long have you called it home? I live in Johannesburg, but I still call Cape Town home. Joburg has been my ‘home’ for a month now and she has been good to me but we are still in the relaxed, honeymoon stage of our relationship.

2.What do you do? I look for cool things, mainly South African cool things, but also cool things in general. I then help other people see these cool things by putting them on We-are-awesome, or I call my friend Mark up and we turn the cool thing into an event. Otherwise I call my other friend Adriaan and we film the cool thing. So basically I suppose what I do is take cool things and make them accessible to as many people as I can.

3. What is one of the raddest things you have done wearing a pair of jeans? Until recently I was quite adverse to wearing shorts so most of my life was spent in jeans or some variation of long pants. One of my favourite memories with a pair of jeans was Glastonbury 2011, I spend the whole festival in the same pair of jeans, they kept me warm at night and caught all the mud in the day. I still have those jeans even though they will always have a little Glastonbury in them.

 4. If you could live in someone else’s ‘jeans’ for a day who would that person be? Probably James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem, I like unassuming people that have more creative genius than you could ever imagine. Also he just seems like a really nice guy who likes having a good time. I like a good time.

I think the following people would also be really interesting: Eminem, Quinten Tarrentino, Andy Samburg, Oprah, Cindy Lauper, Beyonce

5. What is the one thing/person that influences your style the most? Comfort and self expression.

 6. Would you rather have been born with an inside out face or a webbed feet as hands? Inside out face, surely we aren’t far away from complete facial reconstruction surgery.






· Name: Angie Batis

· Job: art director, owner of Wolves and The Good Luck Club


1. What city do you live in, and how long have you called it home? I live in Johannesburg, in Illovo to be more specific. I have lived here my whole life and even though I would love to live else where in the world just to experience it, this will always  be the place I call home.

2.What do you do? I own a coffee/cake/art/music space called Wolves and a noodle and dim sum bar called The Good Luck Club. I run a local blog called Lucky Pony, i’m also a freelance art director and maker of things and soon enough I will be opening up coffee roastery in Braamfontien. Nice to meet you.

3. What is one of the raddest things you have done wearing a pair of jeans? Because I pretty much wear jeans every day of my life, which has earned me the nickname Pants I have many cool memories that involve them. But one that was super fun happened a couple of years ago. Some good friends and I snuck into (through a gap in a fence) a very fancy well-to-do party that we just happened across. Everyone was in shiny formal wear pretending to have a good time and we were all running round the dance floor like insane half-wits dancing to Michael Jackson and drinking sweet sweet champagne. It was so much fun. For us that is. I’m so surprised we weren’t dragged out of their by security guards with walkie talkies.

4. If you could live in someone else’s ‘jeans’ for a day who would that person be? I would so live in Eva Mendes’ jeans so: 1. I could be super hot for a day and 2. I could smooch Ryan Gosling on his sweet pink mouth without being dragged away by security guards with walkie talkies.

5. What is the one thing/person that influences your style the most? I think comfort influences my style a lot. I hate feeling uncomfortable in what i’m wearing.

Would you rather have three legs or ears that constantly ooze liquid ear wax? I would definitely have 3 legs, that way I could become the worlds most famous and sneakily skilled football player. I’d be rich. Weird looking, but filthy rich.

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  • FT March 6, 2013 at 3:27 pm

    Awesome idea! How will you select people to be part of it?

  • claire March 6, 2013 at 4:09 pm

    This is such a rad project. I love the sequinned jacket you are wearing.

  • Gina March 6, 2013 at 5:35 pm


  • Mike March 6, 2013 at 5:54 pm

    Cool project guys, can’t wait to see who else you post about.

  • Geraldine March 6, 2013 at 7:53 pm

    Hi, it’s a great idea! I like reading abou t other people preferences snd lifestyle. Waiting for the next post!

  • Karen March 6, 2013 at 9:29 pm

    Oh Pants… You make me laugh. I’d almost have to say that even if you did have webbed hands as feet, and were a famous soccer player, and lived on a yacht to evade the taxman, I would still love (stalk) you. Let’s get Walkie talkies and talk about Ryan Gosling in pink nighties at night. It’s my pleasure.

  • jimmy March 7, 2013 at 1:12 am

    Yea angie love them Levis.i don’t know if you remember but i had one particular pair that i wore on wednesdays and saturdays ,thats cause they were my lucky pants .Back in the old days they only had horse racing 2 days a week ,and i never failed to wear those levis to every meeting,in the end they were worn out but i still wore them.
    Probably for about 20 years .
    Thats where you probably picked up the line ‘ you horses ass’ and your nickname Angie pants .
    Anyway i still only wear Levis ,they the best jeans.

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