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Levis and Me: Rhys Gordon

June 20, 2013


This week’s Levis and Me participant is one mister Rhys Gordon. I sent him a few questions last night and this is what he had to say about himself. Take it away Rhys… 

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Name: Rhys Gordon


1. What city do you live in, and how long have you called it home? Johannesburg, I’ve lived here most of my life. Was born in Cape Town, but there is no substitute to the hustle that is Jozi.

2.What do you do? I’m an Art Director, what more can I say…people give me money to illustrate and manipulate pictures all day.

3. What is one of the raddest things you have done wearing a pair of jeans? Taking my daughter to the park, hanging upside down from monkey bars.

4. If you could live in someone else’s ‘jeans’ for a day who would that person be? Richard Pryor. His jeans would be the funniest pair in the world! That man is comedy..

5. What is the one thing/person that influences your style the most? Well, I don’t really have any one specific influence on my style, I have a group of friends that have rad style so they help keep me motivated to always dress my best.

6. Would you rather sweat baby seals or balls of that green gunk Slimer from Ghostbusters used to excrete? Ummm, anything to do with Ghostbusters… And who knows having luminous green stuff could be a cool party trick. Plus baby seals are stinky!

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