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Levis and Me: Anna-Belle Mulder

March 20, 2013


So it’s that time of the week again, time for me to introduce you to another Levis Joburgnite. So without further adue everyone say hello to the very talented writer Miss Anna-Belle Mulder.

Andrew has interviewed Anna-Belle’s boyfriend Craig over on his site.

*Last week’s Levis and Me post, in case you missed it.





Name: Anna-Belle Mulder

Job: Writer, Journalist


1. What city do you live in, and how long have you called it home? I live in Joburg, and I’ve called it home for all of my 23 years.

2.What do you do? I’m a writer/journalist depending on the day. Mostly I write about Joburg, its history and any cool stuff happening in the city. The company I work for manages areas like Braamfontein, Kramerville and Sandton (to name a few) so I also spend a lot of my time in the districts on the lookout for anything fun and managing public events.

I’m also in the process of launching my own online clothing store which should launch in spring! Really excited about that!

3. What is one of the raddest things you have done wearing a pair of jeans? At my first Oppikoppi I was coerced into drinking far more than I should have and ended up tying my belt loops on my jeans to my friends waist so I wouldn’t get lost. When the time came to detach ourselves it was too dark to see anything. This amazing boy ended up lending me a torch and helped me detach myself for her and we ended up spending the entire night dancing and going crazy in the dust…the jeans still have red stand stains all over them but he turned out to be the love of my life so I don’t mind too much.

4. If you could live in someone else’s ‘jeans’ for a day who would that person be? Anna Wintour…although she probably doesn’t wear jeans.

5. What is the one thing/person that influences your style the most? I think it’s important as a woman to remember to be ladylike and incorporate some aspects of that in my style. No matter what I wear I try incorporating that into my outfit…even if it’s just a hint of it. Also Anna Wintour she’s like Yoda but in a better outfit.

6. Would you rather have baked apples for feet or slimy sock puppets as hands? Baked apples, it would be like having a slip n slid permanently attached to my body…what could be better?

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  • meezie March 20, 2013 at 10:31 am

    Morning just lov it and this stylish Levi and yes Anna-Belle true keep it ladylike.

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