June 11, 2017



When we were kids we used to love ‘camping’ in the TV room. We’d build a fort out of the couches, the cushions, bedsheets, and everything and anything that would hold all those elements in place. It was so much fun to lie under our makeshift tent and watch TV or play games. I’m actually really looking forward to building these with Nina James and Rex one day because I know I’m going to be as amped as them and they make it perfectly alright for a 30-something-year-old adult to have a makeshift tent up in their living room!

Now that I have self-confessed my love for indoor ‘couch tents’ I’ll get to the real point of this post, which is to introduce you guys this local label that I discovered called Krokenoster who make the most amazing sleeping bags I have ever seen, perfect for any tent, real or temporary.

I don’t know about you but I’ve never had a sleeping bag that looks anything like the ones Krokenoster make! So when NJ got one, I’m not going to lie the 7-year-old inside of me was a little jealous and I may or may not have tried to get into it whilst she was sleeping.






Krokenoster is made up of a mom and daughter team – Ezz and Electra who started making these sleeping bags, which are just like the ones Ezz’s mom used to make her when she was a little girl and what’s really awesome about this Cape Town based company is that they are all about classic, handmade items that are intended to become hand-me-downs. I love that notion!

So once again I’m sharing my love for local stuff and people who make and create things that they are passionate about, I urge you to check out these absolutely beautifully made and designed kid’s goodies that arrive thoughtfully packaged complete with a cute Krokenoster colouring-in book. I also want to show you the awesome wooden baby gyms they make which come with the funniest and most unexpected hanging toys. I mean they have a fried egg, an eggplant and an avo, how cool! Haha.









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