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May 19, 2016

Kitchen inspiration-17

Lately, Shane and I have been discussing making some changes in our house, more specifically kitchen design changes. We are toying with the idea of moving it into our living room, so that we have a big open plan living space and then closing up the kitchen and making it into a fourth bedroom or a playroom for Nina James.

We love sitting around and coming up with ideas to on how to make our home better, in fact, Shane is so amped he’s even created a 3D digital model of our flat that includes all our thoughts so we can have a better idea of how it’s going to look. I think we speak more about this project than anything else, every time we come up with a new idea we get so excited! I just wish we could click our fingers and things would change because I must be honest I’m not a huge fan of the process involved in renovating.

wooden kitchen



Kitchen inspiration-17


We’re not too sure what direction we’re going in yet in terms of finishings, marble seems to be everywhere at the moment, which is pretty cool. I like the mix of marble and light wood together, there’s something really pretty about it. I also still like the idea of having open shelves in the kitchen so we can display all our treasures. I’m not one for packing away all the China, plus I think having things like art and curios in the kitchen makes for a far more interesting room.

I have taken on the role of chief reference finder and gone on a mission to collect photos of kitchens that make me want to dance with my eyes closed. There are some super cool sites out there where one can find all sorts of reference. Obviously, there’s Pinterest which is amazing and like an endless pool of ideas and pictures, but another site I really enjoy is Homify, it also has loads of amazing places and spaces on it that you can lust after.

So for now if any of you are looking for some kitchen eye candy or are just interested in seeing where other people fry their bacon, then here you go… I would love to have an A-frame skylight in our kitchen, like the first photo below. How damn cool is that?



Kitchen inspiration-16



Kitchen inspiration-16




Kitchen inspiration-15

All these photos are off my Pinterest board, Homify and CoteMaison.

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