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Kirsten Tradowsky

December 15, 2014

Kirsten Tradowsky

This is the work of American based artist Kirsten Tradowsky. Her paintings are her way of travelling back in time to another space and time, for inspiration she collects old photos and visits places that are slowly being engulfed by the new world.

I think her work is great, it makes me feel like I’m paging through an old family album made up of memories of a world that has long since been forgotten.

– The past is my playground. I find historical remnants and give them a new life in our contemporary world. I go to estate sales and move through rooms that one family occupied for decades, searching through piles of photographs of people I have never met. Walking the San Francisco city streets I see old theaters and buildings that glow under the residue of ever changing ads and construction. I am interested in how one place possesses many moods and the unseen gritty elements of the familiar imagery of life. Time manipulates a place and in turn makes it richer, painting these places and figures are my way of time travel.

Kirsten Tradowsky-17

Kirsten Tradowsky-12


Kirsten Tradowsky-9


Kirsten Tradowsky-13


Kirsten Tradowsky-2

Kirsten Tradowsky-14

Kirsten Tradowsky-15

Kirsten Tradowsky-16

Kirsten Tradowsky-3

Kirsten Tradowsky-5

Kirsten Tradowsky-16

Kirsten Tradowsky-10


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