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Kimmy & Bear clothing

September 16, 2016

Kimmy & Bear clothing

I’m so excited to show you guys this shoot that Churche did for Kimmy & Bear’s first ever clothing collection inspired by their childhood. We were briefed by the team to come up with something whimsical and pretty and so we built three giant animals made out of real foliage that became props and playing companions for everyone on set. We really enjoyed working on this shoot because all the little models and clothes were just too beautiful for words!

The new collection comes from the fact that when the three sisters that make up Kimmy & Bear were young their mom used to dress all of them in matching outfits that she made from patterns very similar to the amazing little outfits you are going to see now.  The collection is reminiscent of those sweet childhood memories that we all have tucked away in some forgotten place. It also makes me wish that I had magical witch powers that turned children’s clothes into big people’s clothes! What about us Kimmy & Bear?!!

Kimmy & Bear clothing-3

Kimmy & Bear clohting-2

Kimmy and Bear have 3 of their own girls between them and every time I see them they’re dressed in the sweetest, prettiest little outfits, they are honestly some of the best-dressed tots in town! Sometimes I dream about granny-napping their mom and her sewing machine and keeping her locked up in Nina’s room! Luckily for me and their mom, who would probably not fancy being a hostage, Kimmy and Bear are launching their new amazing kid’s clothing line this weekend at the Rock-a-Baby or you can find it on Etsy. I hope NJ’s cupboard and my flipping credit card are ready!!

Thanks again team for asking Churche to be a part of this adventure of yours and good luck with it!

Kimmy & Bear clothing-7

Kimmy & Bear clothing-5



Kimmy & Bear clothing-18



Kimmy & Bear clothing-1

Kimmy & Bear clothing-1

Kimmy & Bear clothing-4

Kimmy & Bear clothing-15



Kimmy & Bear clothing-11

Kimmy & Bear clothing-14

Kimmy & Bear clothing-16



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  • Reply Julie September 16, 2016 at 9:32 am

    Oh wow! The giant foliage animals are amazing!

    • Reply angie September 16, 2016 at 10:17 am

      They were a bit of a challenge to make but we were so happy with them in the end 🙂 Thanks for the comment Julie and have an awesome day! x

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