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Kiekies – No. 1 – Gareth Pon

December 13, 2013


I’m starting a new series on my blog called Kiekies, which means photos in Afrikaans. This project is going to be all  about cool Instagramers that I like to follow and that I think you guys would enjoy following too. Every month I’m going to post about 2 different people who I think take awesome photographs, if you like what you see you can click on the link and follow them too.

So to start this series off, I’d like to introduce you to Mr. Gareth Pon. Gareth is a very talented guy with a personality to match. I honestly don’t think he has a mean bone is his body and all the good he exudes comes out in his photos. He take awesome photos of all sorts of things, but every shot looks like something out a picture book.

– ! Gareth Pon ! An Asian South African shooting things and turning them into pixels… Founder of @igersSouthAfrica Goal: Instagram From Space

And if you’re keen to follow me, here is my link miss_luckypony



















1. How long have you been on instagram? Around 2 years now, probably the beginning of 2012.

2. How many followers do you have? 101 213 when I last checked today, ha!

3. Could you live without it? Probably not, but I’ve come to terms with my addiction. But I’m hardly active anymore on other social media networks, so I think that’s a good trade off.

4. How often do you upload photos? Usually about twice a day and during or outstanding or significant occasions (like when I eat something tasty, I double post to @garethponeats)

5. Who are some of your most favourite instagramers? Locally: @levonlock, @unclescrooch, @_tonton, @lorraineloots, @d_oyal, @daveast to name a few. Internationally: @quietpoem, @jubeijubay, @skinnymonkey, @kitkat_ch, @hirozzzz, @mariafranciska, @sfennema, to name another few. Check who I follow for other favs.

6. How does it make you feel when your battery is about to die on you and you see the world’s most perfect Instagram? I plug my phone into this, a mobile charger that gives me 5 full charges 😛

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