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Joburg Textured Buttercream Workshop

May 17, 2018


Let’s talk about cakes and how super amazing some people can make them look with some imagination and a skilful flick of a pallet knife or two. Now I have never been one to overdecorate my cakes, but it’s because I’m not 100% sure how to do certain techniques, plus half the time I’ve eaten way too much of the icing and I don’t have enough to go from ‘nicely iced’ to ‘grand extravagancer’. I really need to work on some self-constraint, maybe I’ll make that a 2019 resolution. Maybe.

I always see these beautifully decorated cakes on Instagram and think, I’m sure I can do that if someone just showed me how slash slapped my mouth every time it went anywhere near the icing bowl. A perfect example of the types of cakes I’m talking about are the ones the amazing ladies from Sweet Lion Heart put out. I think if I lived in Cape Town I’d properly stalk them. Goodness me their cakes are always so pretty, they’re like works of art that you can eat with a fork or your hands.



Often these guys advertise awesome Buttercream Workshops that they host in Cape Town and I sit at home in Joburg bummed because I can’t ever go…. until NOW that is! Heyooooo, Sweet Lion Heart is bringing their sweet Textured Buttercream Workshop to Johannesburg for 4 days in May. So you have four chances to clear your calendars and book yourself a slot for one of their one-day workshops where they will be showing you:

•The basics about buttercream

•Cake decorating equipment & tools

•Cake design & time planning

•How to line your baking tin

•Transporting tips

•How to achieve a textured buttercream cake Getting down to(buttercream)business.

•Swiss Meringue Buttercream (SMBC) demonstration(we will show you how to make your own at home but will supply frosting to use on the day)

•Colouring buttercream with gel colours

•Stack and fill a cake with sponges and frosting provided

•Frost your cake with SMBC and achieve a smooth look

•Applying frosting to achieve a textured buttercream look

•Achieving sharp edges on your cake

What will be provided:

•Cake decorating equipment and tools, cake sponges, frosting, cake decorations (macarons)and an apron (these are yours to use for the day but please leave it behind at the end of the class)

•Tea, coffee and a nibble to get you started with a bubbly break about half-way through the workshop

And then at the end of it all you get to march home with an amazing decorated and no doubt tasting cake that you can either – carry around with you on display so that people can gasp in admiration when they see you, or you could set-up a tea party with some friends and eat your masterpiece until there is nothing left but memories. Sounds good right?

Like I mentioned above this is the first time these 1-day workshops are happening here, so make sure you get yourself a ticket before they all sell out. I’ll also be attending one of them and I’m so excited to learn how to decorate a cake like this, the combinations are endless.

Hey, maybe I’ll see you there, that would be nice 🙂

For more information and how to book your spot, just click here.






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