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Joburg Textured Buttercream Workshop round two

July 9, 2018



A little while back I attended Sweet Lion Hearts first Joburg Textured Buttercream Workshop where I learnt how to create one of their amazing textured cakes using all sorts of clours and very specific icing techniques.

I was so excited to attend this workshop because it is literally right up my baking alley and I have to say I was not disappointed. I loved every second of it, including the part where I was recklessly flinging icing onto my cake, which I missed a few times but I don’t think anyone other than Adi saw so we were all good.

After the course, I came home armed with a few new interesting baking tips, a recipe and method for a damn good batch of buttercream and a brand new skill to create glorious edible cakes like this one that I made. I also learnt how to mould a flamboyant chocolate cake topper that I landed up eating before I put on my cake (I was the only one). Sigh.

It was awesome crafting and layering this spongy little guy and at the end of it I was almost a little sad to cut into it, but I got over that emotion pretty fast when my coffee was ready to be had with a slice. it was delicious by the way.




A few posts back I wrote a bit about the awesome girls who run Sweet Lion Heart but just in case you missed it I’m going to tell you again because I think they are some of the raddest people that I’ve met in a while. I also love the fact that they both were doing other things before they started this mini cake empire, Karmen was actually doing law! Which just goes to show that you can always change things up if you really feel passionate about something.

Sweet Lion Heart is a online-based pâtisserie studio located in Woodstock, Cape Town and it’s run by the talented Nikki Albertyn and Karmen de Reuck. Now, this pâtisserie is not like any I’ve seen with my own two eyes in the many many years I’ve been around. Everything they create makes you so happy because it’s coated in colour, fun and made with extreme love and care! If you want to follow an account on Instagram that will bring a burst of real joy to your feed, then make sure you follow them.

Now not only do they make amazing cakes but they also host 1-day workshops where they will show you how you can also create a masterpiece worthy of any coffee table slash art gallery – that allows you to eat its exhibits. Up until a couple of months ago, these workshops were only happening in their hometown of Cape Town but now they have started including good old Joburg, which makes me so happy because it feels like there is only a handful of really cool workshoppy-type things like this around.



Their new round of 1-day courses are happening in September and I say if you love baking, love cakes, love being creative in the kitchen and want to spend a day surrounded by buttercream and new friends then book yourself a spot. It’s totally worth it and at the end of it you get to take home your one-of-a-kind cake that I have no doubt will blow every single person you serve it to out of the water!

Here are all the details that you’re going to need as well as where you can buy your ticket for their upcoming workshops taking place between the 6th and the 8th of September 2018.

I’m really keen on doing things like this, so if anyone knows of any other courses in the same vain or even completely different please do share. I want to hear all about them.

*If this is the sort of thing tickles your fancy then be sure to check out Made By, another talented duo that creates pretty jewellery as well as host an array of fun Ring Carving Workshops.
















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  • Reply Kerry Wilson July 9, 2018 at 4:26 pm

    Would love love to do this, but a little out of my price range for workshops – so will live vicariously through your beautiful photographs.

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