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Jarapa Jarapa clothing

July 7, 2014

Jarapa Jarapa-2

These very crazy, but cool pieces are made by Barcelona based label Jarapa Jarapa. From what I can gather via their Facebook page and a very helpful Spanish to English online translator, I’ve learnt that each piece that this label makes is unique and never repeated, once made ​​the pattern for that specific item is destroyed, so that the buyer is the only one that owns it. How cool is that?

I really like all the mad patterns they use to spruce up a shirt or a denim jacket, I mean who would say no to a bacon shirt? What about a dinosaur or a banana one, not me, that’s for sure.

Jarapa Jarapa-14

Jarapa Jarapa-13

Jarapa Jarapa-17

Jarapa Jarapa-8

Jarapa Jarapa-11

Jarapa Jarapa-21

Jarapa Jarapa-19

Jarapa Jarapa-20

Jarapa Jarapa-9

Jarapa Jarapa-18


Jarapa Jarapa-22

Jarapa Jarapa-10

Jarapa Jarapa-5

Jarapa Jarapa-12

Jarapa Jarapa-3

Jarapa Jarapa-23

Jarapa Jarapa-6





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