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I saw the Tallest Man On Earth, more like the most Amazing Man On Earth.

February 13, 2012

On Saturday night we went to watch The Tallest Man On Earth at the Civic Theatre and it was beyond amazing. The setting was so intimate and he was so mesmerising. He was like a handsome Swedish woodland creature, all I wanted to do was put him in my pocket and feed him peanut brittle all day long.

He sounded exactly like he does on his albums and his on stage presence was amazing. We had a few people in the audience that were complete douche bags, shouting out things and acting like real idiots, if you minuses them, the night was pretty much perfect. I’m really hoping that more acts like The Tallest Man On Earth come to visit. We aren’t exactly spoilt for choice in this country with regards to international acts, so when someone like this comes along it’s always such a treat. More please.

Anyone going to Two Door Cinema Club? I’m super excited about this show because Desmond and the Tutus are opening for them. Whoooooooooooooooo. If you are wanting tickets for this extravagancer you can apply by clicking here.


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