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How to make Dalgona Coffee

March 30, 2020

Anybody in the mood for a Dalgona Coffee? All you’ll need is milk, sugar, instant coffee and some good old fashion elbow grease.

I’ve never had one of these before today, but I think I’m a fan. The whipped coffee like cream on top was amazing! So if you’re an ice coffee fan/frappe, definitely give this a go!

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INGREDIENTS for a Dalogona Coffee: Makes 2 servings

– 2 tablespoons instant coffee, it has to be instant coffee in order for it to froth up nicely.
– 2 tablespoons sugar. You can use slightly less but it also helps whip up the coffee.
– 2 tablespoons hot water
– 2 glasses of milk with ice (if you have)


1. Bring some water to a boil.
2. In a small bowl mix together the sugar and coffee.
3. Carefully add the hot water and whisk (or use a hand mixer) the mixture until light and frothy. It’ll look a bit like meringue or whipped cream.
4. Fill your two glasses with ice and milk and then spoon some of this magic froth on top.
5. Take a picture and then give it a good stir before enjoying 🙂

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