Hello BeatBo

August 25, 2016



My Nina James loves dancing, it’s definitely something that she got from both Shane and I except that when I was little you couldn’t persuade me to get on a dancefloor or tap my foot to a beat in front of people, nowadays though you can’t stop me, I’m even swaying when standing in a grocery line! But my Nina is completely the opposite she loves dancing more than she loves anything and if there is a song playing she’s moving one way or another. I love it.

It was her birthday a few weeks back and to her present pile, we added a Fisher-Price BeatBo Robot which is one of the coolest toys I’ve seen in a while. Not only does it play music, it talks to your kid and teaches it colours and their A.B,C’s, it records their voices so that they are incorporated into the songs and it dances!  It’s so cute.



I really like Fisher-Price toys, I think part of it is because they transport me right back to being a kid. I remember one of my favourite things was my Fisher-Price cash register, do you remember that one? I would play with it for hours, in fact, I think that’s where I got my love of spending money hehe. Shane’s mom still has their farmhouse with a few animals intact, all the grandkids still play with it. So I’m happy to know that one day, years from now I’m going to be able to pull out old BeatBo and give him to Nina to perhaps pass onto her own kids.

When we took him out of his box she didn’t leave him alone for a solid two days, she dragged him around by the ears and now he is literally a part of our everyday family dance sessions. It’s actually pretty hilarious because if you had to pan around the room you would see us all in our own worlds dancing like crazies, including BeatBo. It’s pretty funny.

Do you still have any of your old Fisher-Price toys or tried any of the new ones that you would recommend?



Hello BeatBo from angie on Vimeo.

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  • Reply Lea August 27, 2016 at 8:30 am

    Oh my word my ovaries are doing flips! You can see on her face just how much she loves BeatBo, that look of awe and wonder is just priceless! What was super cute is when it said ‘jump’ she went straight to jumping on the bed hehe

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