GIVEAWAY: Some of my must have items when travelling with kids.

October 30, 2018


As you may have seen we have just go back from an amazing trip to Greece. It was our first ever overseas family holiday and hopefully one of many to come. I posted a lot of photos to my feed about it and in turn, I received a lot of messages from people asking for tips on how to travel with kids. In this post I’m going to chat about a few things that I really love and took along with us. Then at the end of it I’m going to give a set of all the items (bar one) that I have written about to one of you guys because December is coming up and I think that this awesome pack, WORTH OVER R6 500 would be amazing for any travelling family.

Now giving tips on how to travel with kids is a pretty tricky thing because all kids, as well as all parents, are different. They can be creatures of habit, BUT they can also change in a heartbeat and suddenly you’re looking at your other half going ‘What the red-hot blazers is going on?! Why is our child hanging upside down from a chandelier and how the hell did they get up there?! If you are a parent then I’m guessing you know exactly what I mean.

Travelling with Nina and Rex long distance and in a completely new country for the first time was amazing, but there were also moments were I was running in one direction after Rex and Shane was sprinting up a flight of stairs after Nina, when all we really wanted to be doing was relaxing in front of a magnificent view whilst sipping on an ice cold cappuccino freddo.

For the most part, they behaved really well, they were excited to be in a new place and they wanted to explore it just like us and then there were times where they were hot and bothered and would prefer to take a nap then go exploring, which again is totally understandable.

I don’t have surefire ways on how to make travelling with kids easier, but I do have some things that I think really helped us and are absolute musts for me when travelling with youngins. And I want to be clear up front, that all these items that I’m going to mention in this post I have been introduced to, used and loved and these brands are not paying me in any way to include them. I genuinely love their products and think that they are worth mentioning. Just in case any of you were wondering 🙂

I’m also going to include a few things I did on the plane to keep my kids entertained. I was pretty worried about the flights there and back. Where the kids going to sleep, where they going to be entertained enough or were they going to scream blue murder halfway across the ocean. Again, every kid is different, but there are definitely a couple of things that we did that I feel helped and I would do them again the next time we’re on a long haul flight.

So here we go:

1. First up I think it’s super important to have a really good baby carrier. Now there are loads of them to choose from and I have personally been through 3 since having Nina and I wasn’t blown away by any of them until I got myself an Ubuntu baby carrier. This local company, in my opinion, makes one of the best carriers out there, not only are they nice to look at but they are super practical and it never for one second looks like your baby is uncomfortable, in fact for Rex it is one of his favourite places to be.

It also fits like a glove, no straps cutting into your shoulders, or weird clipping mechanisms, it’s comfortable and adjustable so you can have your baby facing you in the front or have them on your back facing forward, which for the older kids is such a treat.


When travelling I firmly believe that a baby carrier should be the first thing that gets packed. We used ours in the airport during our layovers, as well as on the plane to help put Rex to sleep, it worked like a charm creating a safe, warm little haven for him. We also packed it every day when we ventured out of the house. When nap time came knocking, we unrolled it and boom he was asleep in no time and we could carry on missioning around without having to worry about rushing back for him to have a proper sleep.

They even make mini ones for your kids so that they can also carry their dolls around. How super cute?!





2. Inflight entertainment – Now, this was a biggie for me because I was so worried that the kids would get bored on the flight and land up being awake for most of it. I Googled this particular subject a lot and I landed up taking quite a number of things with me, but there were a few things that worked better than others.

I just want to start by saying that stickers and Smarties are life savers! It’s amazing how much kids love these two things. I had all sorts of items in my carry-on bag and one of them, which I’d like to mention here is this very cool Travel Pack that I got from the sweetest lady named Nina (great name). I discovered her through Instagram where she runs a local business called Panda Post, which is a service that delivers great educational activities/ crafts / sensory play/ puzzle boxes for kids of all ages straight to your house. Nina has been a Foundation Phase trained teacher for over 13 years and her mission is to empower parents to make learning through play easy and in this case, travel through play easy 🙂



Her Deluxe Travel Pack that I took along for my Nina had all sorts of cool games and activities in it and it really did keep her occupied for ages. It was like her own little bag of magic tricks and every time she discovered something else in it she was super keen to show us how it worked. I must say it was really convenient having this backpack that had been all worked out and carefully put together by someone else because there were great things in there that I wouldn’t have thought about buying myself and my child really loved it.





A few other things I found helped us on the flight were:

· Suckers for takeoff and landing to help with ear pressure. These worked really well, especially because Rex does not take a dummy and both of them were too distracted to suck on a bottle.

· Smarties which I packed into little homemade envelopes which I then decorated and used as little rewards/treats.

· Stickers and play dough were also a big hit with both kids (make sure you get stickers that are easy to peel on and off).

· Their favourite storybook and their teddies that they sleep with, which bought some familiarity and also helped us with bedtime.

· I’m also going to be upfront and say that having cartoons on their own screens definitely helped, especially during meal times. If any of you haven’t seen Sing with your kids yet, please do so. It’s such a great feel-good movie!

4. Another great item that we took along that again is a must when travelling with kids, is a good reliable bag that is big enough to fit everything that is needed when leaving the house. I found some great ones from another awesome local company called Bomba Bags who make all sorts of very cool products! They also make one of the nicest baby bags I’ve come across in my 4 years of being a parent. Imagine if you will something with ample storage, made from classic materials such as leather and canvas and which is so handy and nice to look at that you can use it as a baby bag as well as a  handbag at the same time.

I also took along one of their awesome travel bags, which was magic when we were having a beach day because this thing literally fitted everything, from multiple towels to floaties, nappies, sunscreen, snacks, bottles of water, change of clothes for both kids, toys and more! I could even put Nina in it! I kid you not. It made such a difference just having to carry one bag down to the beach with everything in it and not having to worry about too many things other than your kids.

They have a wide range of very cool bags so you should look them up 🙂





5. I have mentioned before I am the world’s worst packer. I always, without fail take too many things with which makes my luggage heavy and doesn’t leave me with much room to bring lots of new things home 🙂 This time around though I was super smart with not only my wardrobe but the kids too. I tried to pack things that weren’t too light in colour so that they didn’t get dirty too easily and could be worn more than once without having to wash them straight away. I packed simple, plainer items that were easily paired together, which made the world of difference and I learnt to roll my clothes thanks to some helpful folk on Instagram. This saved me so much space! I also left all jerseys and towels at home, if we needed anything like that, then I just bought it.

I found some really adorable things from yet another sweet local label called Tonian Closet. Demi the owner makes beautifully designed lightweight items for kids that tick all the right boxes. She is based in Cape Town but delivers around South Africa. Such nice stuff, you should check her out.




6. Before we set sail a few people told us that we shouldn’t take a stroller with because we wouldn’t need it. I hate to say it, but they were wrong and on day two of our adventure we landed up going to buy a pram. So I would definitely suggest taking one from home, something that is easy to manoeuvre and obviously folds up. We have the most amazing Thule Urban Glide stroller that you can literally steer one with one finger and I really wish we had taken it. A stroller is super handy, especially when you have more than one kid because if one is napping in the sling then other is in the pram. It also helps free up your hands and is a pretty decent bag carrier 🙂


It also came in handy on the nights when we wanted to go out for supper and Rex wanted his bottle and a sleep. We popped him in it and off we all went. I know a lot of people worry about transporting it, but once you’re checked in at the airport you don’t see it again until you get off on the other side and as for stairs and slopes etc. There were only brief moments where we had to tackle that type of terrain.

Another awesome stroller that Thule has just bought out for these exact situations is the Thule Sleek, which you can add a baby seat or sibling seat to make it a double stroller! If you have more than one little tyke this pram is a dream come true.

Thule Sleek stroller color range

7. Another must-have when travelling with kids is something to treat your face with, which is out and about 24/7 looking after everyone else! This is a selfish one because I wanted to add something to this giveaway pack just for the moms or dads 🙂 I have been using Dermalogica’s Biolumin-C Serum for about 2 months now. The product says that it is proven to enhance your skin’s natural defences to
brighten, firm and defend and I must say that I have seen a nice difference in the appearance of my skin and every time I apply it feels like my face just laps it up. It’s one of those products that feels like you are really treating your skin, which is always nice.

I also have a Solar Defense Booster SPF50 which I’m going to throw in. This product adds critical defense to your moisturiser or foundation with this Broad Spectrum sunscreen for all skin types.



Like I mentioned above these are just some of the items that I took along with us on holiday and really loved and now I would really love to give one of you guys just about everything that I have mentioned above in a nice and easy giveaway. These awesome brands who are all run by such cool people have each given me an item so the pack is WORTH OVER R6 500 and consists of:

1 x Sage Stage 2 Ubuntu baby carrier as well as a matching kiddies Ubuntu doll carrier (so cute!) in the same colour both worth R1880

1 x Grey Bomba Travel Bag worth R1250

1 x Panda Post Deluxe Travel Pack worth R490

1 x R600 Tonian Closet voucher that you can use to buy a couple of super cute outfits for your little girl or boy

1 x Bottle of Dermalogica’s Biolumin-C Serum worth R1495

1 x Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster SPF50 worth R790

There are THREE ways to enter, you can complete one of these steps OR all of them to gain more entries:

  1. Leave a comment here just saying hi 🙂
  2. Go to my Facebook page and under this post leave me a comment tagging who you think would also like this competition. You have to then like all the brands below and myself on Facebook (I will be checking). If you click the brands below they’ll each take you to their page:

3. On Instagram make sure you follow myself and the following accounts (you can click on each one below) as well as leave me a comment under this post tagging who you think would like this competition:

4. I’ll be choosing a winner at the end of Tuesday the 6th of November so good luck!


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