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March 17, 2020

Over the last couple of months, I have been working with the @llumarfilmssa group learning more about their products and their large range of automotive films and architectural films, which is the biggest in Southern Africa.

When I think of protective car film the only thing that comes to mind is how it can help in a smash and grab situation, which unfortunately in this day and age is something that a lot of us have previously encountered or currently fear. So, it was really awesome to find out that there are in fact other benefits to having it installed.

I had never thought about this before, but say you are involved in a car accident the LLumar® film will significantly reduce the likelihood of personal injury because it holds shattered glass in place. The team at LLumar® demonstrated how a car window, without the film, splintered and dispersed everywhere when smashed and how it stayed together when fitted with LLumar, the difference was pretty scary.

Another cool aspect of this film is that it safeguards you from the sun, providing protection from harmful UV rays and reducing heat and glare for everyone in the car. Also, something I hadn’t really thought about and the fact that we all spend so much time in our cars means that we are in the sun’s firing line a lot.

I had LLumar’s window film installed on my car and I’m not going to lie the first time I drove it after the fitting, I felt a bit like a Kardashian 🙂 Driving around with my tinted windows in my (very mom) SUV. But it was also really cool to know that my car had an added element of safety.  

LLumar® is the leading supplier in premium window film and not only do they produce it for cars but for houses too! They also have something called Paint Protection Film (PPF), which is a barely visible film that is applied to the most vulnerable areas of your car that offers protection to the paintwork, which will not only preserve your car’s good looks but will also save you money on costly repairs to maintain the appearance.

I’m really happy with the Smash and Grab Film that has been installed and I’m super happy to say that LLumar® has given me one of these installations to give away 🙂

All you have to do to enter is click through to my Facebook page and answer one simple question under this post – Name 2 key benefits of the LLumar® smash and grab film. The answer can be found above or on

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