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Florence + Watson and the Sugarbush Mouse

August 7, 2015


My incredibly talented friends Danielle Bischoff, Rob van Vuuren and Lauren Fowler have recently released a very beautifully written and illustrated book called Florence + Watson and the Sugarbush Mouse. Dani was in Johannesburg a couple of weeks back and dropped off a copy for Nina James and I was so excited to get my paws onto it because I absolutely love Lauren Fowler’s illustrative style and Dani and Rob are such a fun couple that I knew the story would be awesome, which it was.

It’s a sweet rhyming tale of two honey badgers named Florence and Watson who go around singing and telling stories and the one they tell in this book is all about a Sugarbush Mouse named Petal who saves her village in a very special way. It’s such a lovely written and beautifully drawn book and it’s 100% South African which makes it’s 100% even more awesome. If you’re wanting a copy for your little one, or even yourself you can click here and order one. I highly recommend you do.

Florence + Watson-1

Florence + Watson

Florence + Watson-2



Florence + Watson-5

Florence + Watson-6

Florence + Watson-7

Florence + Watson-3

Over the last few days I have been trying to read a couple of pages to Nina after her bath. She absolutely loves bath time, I really think that it is her most favourite part of the day, other than shoving my phone or one of the TV remotes into her mouth, apparently those things are super tasty.

I also try to give her a baby massage, which is really good for little ones because it helps them relax. When Nina was first born my friend Jo gave me this baby bedtime gel by Johnson & Johnson that you are meant to gently rub your baby with after a bath. She was too small for it in the beginning but I use it now and it smells so nice and makes her skin feel so soft, not that it’s not super soft already! Damn babies have amazing skin. But we have developed such a nice routine, bath, baby massage and then a little bit of a read before her last bottle of the day and this book has been so nice to page through, except that Nina has tried on more than once occasion to eat a corner or two. Obviously.

I was wondering what routines you guys have with your little ones, if any?

Here’s a little video about the power of touch between you and your baby, it’s so sweet…







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  • Reply MeganBird August 7, 2015 at 10:49 am

    Little Theo and I always take a bath together, have done since he was born. Its so special and my favourite time of the day! After that he and I gets a small snack, while we chat away about the day, Chat as much as a 14 month old can at least, its not words but he’s got loads of important stuff to say. We may sing a song or two and blow kisses then he gives me a kiss good night, always accompanied with a huge smile. Then his dad takes him off to bed. I really enjoy our bed time chats, so rad having such a happy kid babbling away about who knows what, If can contribute nonsense to his conversations all night long for the rest of my life Ill totes be the happiest mama ever!

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