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Fisherman’s Plate

May 21, 2015



If any of you are fans of Chinatown in Cyrildene then you will be familiar with the next place I’m going to write about, Fisherman’s Plate. This is one of Cyrildene’s gems, but let me warn you from now you’re not going their for the decor, you’re going for the food.

What it lacks in interiors, which come in the form of mismatched office furniture chairs, fluorescent lighting and a very bright orange mural on the wall, it makes up for in it’s food. I suggest you don’t eat anything before you go, so you can stuff your soon-to-be fat round face with lots of different things off their menu.

When I went the other day I took some of my friends with me, one of which was Hanna who loves Fisherman’s Plate as much as I do and frequents it just as often. Her and I ordered all our favourites for our other two friends who have never been before, but who have solidly been converted into fans.



I’m going to give you a quick breakdown of what we had and then I’m probably going to get into my car and drive to Fisherman’s Plate for lunch.

We had Deep Fried Garlic Prawns (R75), which are so delicious, you literally want to eat them like popcorn. We also had my personal favourite which is the Three Cup Chicken (R75), which is served with chunks of roasted garlic and ginger, need I say more? I didn’t think so. We also went a bit nuts in the meat section and had sticky Pork Ribs (R79) and Sizzling Fillet Steak with black Pepper Sauce (R85), which were both so good. And then to wash it all down we ordered Bok Choy and two massive bowls of rice with Coconut Curry Sauce. Now when you guys go you have to order the Coconut Curry Sauce with your rice, it’s the best thing ever. You will not be sorry, I guarantee it. In fact just order everything I mentioned above and then be prepared to roll out afterwards.













Address: The Courtyard, Derrick Avenue, Cyrildene, Johannesburg, 2198

Phone:011 622 0480

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  • Reply Alexandra May 21, 2015 at 11:23 am

    Thanks for making me hungry at work. Thanks a whole lot.

    • Reply angie May 21, 2015 at 2:41 pm

      Hahha sorry about that, I did the same thing to myself whilst typing this post out 🙂

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