Dressy dressy time

May 21, 2021

My new thing to do these days is to shop online. I love looking at all sorts of things from decor, to food, to shoes, party dresses, art, doughnuts and more! Sometimes I buy stuff and sometimes I just like looking around and adding things to my cart for fun! Especially the more extravagant stuff.

I have a very small and special occasion that I’m going to soon, which I need a dress for… So I went looking for party dresses online on one of my favourite sites and I thought I’d post a few here, just in case you’re also looking for a nice dress for a very small and special occasion 🙂

I’m really into pieces with billows sleeves and special collar details, love me a good poplin dress! You actually can’t hold me back from them. So below are some that I would buy in a heartbeat and some that I wish I could wear, but that I know I wouldn’t but are still awesome to look at.

These three are too short, but how super cute are they?!!

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