DIY Festive Snowglobes

November 22, 2019

This is the last idea I will be sharing with you in this Consol Glass series and it’s for a couple of D.I.Y. Festive Snowglobes. Ones that you will never find in any shops because they will come straight from your imagination and your odd collection of little things 🙂

I may or may not have a slight obsession with snowglobes (I definitely have an obsession!) so this one for me was especially fun, and it’s awesome that there are no rules as to what type of snowglobe you can make. For example, the one below with the Statue of Liberty could be an awesome way of telling someone that you’ve bought them a ticket to New York for Christmas. PS: If you get that as a present, I’m 100% jealous! 

I made three, one with candy because it’s unexpected and why not, I mean who doesn’t like candy? I also made one with fake snow and one with good old fashion water and glitter. 

All these guys require is an array of rounded Consol jars, some trinkets, clear glue and a bit of imagination. I’m only going to give instructions for the Candy Snowman Snowglobe as the other two are pretty self-explanatory 🙂 

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Here is what you’re going to need to replicate the three snowglobes below:

  1. An assortment of round shaped Consol jars, I bought small ones and medium-sized ones for variation sake.
  2. Fake snow – you can buy this at any arts and crafts store
  3. Little trinkets to make up the scenes inside the globes. I used funny Lego men, plastic dinosaurs, mini pine cones, candy and a small branch from my Xmas tree.
  4. Wobbly eyes, glitter, pom-poms, twine and glue! All from a crafts shop.


Step 1: Take a medium-sized rounded Consol jar and fill it with your favourite candy. Pop the lid back on.

Step 2: Take a smaller rounded jar and fill it with fake snow. Glue on some wobbly eyes and a pom-pom nose then turn it upside down and glue it to the lid of the medium-sized jar.

Step 3: Accessorise by adding a tuft of hair (a branch from my tree) and a bowtie, I used some red and white twine and voila you have yourself a Candy Snowman Snowglobe that will make anyone’s day!

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