DIY Festive Season wrapping

December 13, 2016

It’s that time of the year again, time to buy presents, lots, and lots of presents and then make then look all nice and pretty so that they can sit under your tree until they make someone else other than yourself happy. I love this time of year, I love the way it makes me feel, I love decorating our house and tree, I love buying presents (obviously) and I love getting my old D.I.Y. Festive Season wrapping skills out.

So when I was invited by Poetry to attend a D.I.Y. Festive Season wrapping session at their store in Nicolway I was in like flint! We got to peruse their latest SS17 Homeware collection which is so beautiful, I wanted all of it! On a side note, if  you’re looking for pretty homeware, accessories or clothing gifts for someone special in your life you should swing past one of their stores, they have some really nice pieces to choose from.

On the evening we also got to learn a few tricks on how to make our gifts look more festive just by using a pair of scissors, tape, twine, ribbon and a whole lot of pretty green foliage. I was in my element!

I took along my friend Jo because I think she is as obsessed as I am over D.I.Y and together we wrapped, twisted and weaved our way into making the two packages below and the best part is they didn’t take forever to create and just like that we had added a personal, bespoke touch to our presents.

I landed up making a mini wreath with some eucalyptus leaves and sprayed ferns, I also made a ribbon like pom-pom to add a bit of colour. This was so easy to do. I just made a round circle with some wire and then wrapped and attached my foliage to it with tape. Jo went a bit more labor intensive on her piece by literally weaving two types of different coloured ribbon together to form an awesome textured lid for her box. It took a bit more time, but it looked so pretty in the end.

Thanks Poetry for having us and for inspiring me to D.I.Y wrap all my gifts this year. Below are three packages that I put together at home using really simple, basic materials that can be picked up at any stationary store. I thought I would include them in this post to give you a couple of ideas for your presents. Hope they come in handy. Enjoy!!

What you will need:

· Tape, glue gun and Pritt glue stick

· Scissors

· Some green foliage of your choice

· Brown Paper for wrapping and patterned paper for mini bunting

· Mini pom-poms

· Plastic animals and mini letters

· Ribbon and twine of your choice

· Plain white cardboard to make mini cards

DIY Festive Season wrapping

DIY Festive Season wrapping-12

DIY Festive Season wrapping-9


DIY Festive Season wrapping-8

DIY Festive Season wrapping-14

DIY Festive Season wrapping-10

DIY Festive Season wrapping-7

DIY Festive Season wrapping-1

DIY Festive Season wrapping-2

DIY Festive Season wrapping-3

DIY Festive Season wrapping-11


DIY Festive Season wrapping-6

DIY Festive Season wrapping-15

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